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I love collecting things together to share with you and I love Fridays so this blog should, by rights, be reasonably good.

Firstly have a look at this brilliant poster.

Tubular Fells

It's called Tubular Fells and is a whole new way of looking at the Lake District, designed by a gentleman called Peter Burgess.

Peter has rather brilliantly (we think so anyway) taken his inspiration from Harry Beck, the London Underground map designer and merged it together with the 214 fells as lovingly detailed, described and made famous by the great Alfred Wainwright.  The result was this astonishing piece of art.

The map is available here and we got our copy after it was featured in the Guardian weekend magazine a few months ago.  Peter put a little note in with the poster to say he had been inundated with orders and had to go to his printers for another print run - excellent news huh!  We've just had ours framed and are now trying to decide where it should go.

And on a completely different subject we also this week, yesterday in fact, we had our new mattress delivered.  Yes it is beautiful, yes we slept well and yes it's true that there's "nowt as good as a new mattress", I made that saying up but I'm sure it really is said the length and breadth of this fair land.

Something else that made me smile was this display of lotus flower tea light holders in Huttons, Windsor. Just so simple and very, very pretty.

I should have posted this on Friday but got distracted and didn't...whoops! And now all of a sudden it's Sunday evening and I'm wondering where the weekends go.  I saw my Mum today and she really, really loves my blog, which is brilliant and I'm pleased she does.  She asked me where my latest post was, very disappointed with the delay so this one is for you Mum, enjoy.

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