lily the pink.....

......the saviour of the human ra- a-ace!

I used to love singing that song at school and often wonder what the medicinal compound was that she invented.  What was it huh, probably some opium based hallucinogenic as is often the way with songs that have an initial appearance of innocence, I mean look at Puff the Magic Dragon!!
So, pink has been creeping into my wardrobe of late (and I don't mean the singer, who would have an effort climbing on in there frankly given that it is stuffed full of clothes), and it all started with a present from my gentleman Bloom of a bright pink Swatch at the airport when we flew out to Corfu earlier this year.

it's pink!
Yes, a Swatch I said.  Oh my goodness how totally 1980s retro am I?  I distinctly remember getting my first Swatch when I was in the third year at school and there is no way I am ever telling you what year that was! I was so proud of it and looky here, I even have a blurry old picture of it, well what do you expect, high resolution hadn't been invented in the 1980s!).

totally loving the multi-coloured 1980s swatch watch

Anyway back on track to my pink conversion, the watch was purchased so I wouldn't get my everyday (not waterproof) watch ruined at the beach and I have to say that:
  • it actually looks great, is big and kinda funky in an unexpected way, and
  • it was handy to be able to wear a watch on the beach and not worry about it getting ruined.
However you do need to be aware of the bad points of this watch, there are not many, in fact there are but two but they may be deal breakers, so here we go:

1. It is quite difficult to get on sometimes.  The rubbery strap doesn't go through without some coaxing during which time the pin has dropped out of the strap hole and you have to start all over again (note that this might just be me being stupid)!

2. It has the loudest tick in the world and I mean the LOUDEST tick in the whole, bleeding world.  It is so loud I have taken it off and thrown it across the room when watching the TV, I have had to get up in the middle of the night to remove it from the room when sleeping. Oh it ticks in proper big FULL CAPS this watch so be warned.

On the plus side it comes in loads of very pretty colours and it isn't expensive so you can buy lots, one for every outfit in fact.

Back to Lily the Pink then....I also have a developed a love for this belt, which has been in the wardrobe for a while.

beautiful, soft belt from boden

It is a really buttery soft suede and a pretty baby pink colour.  The plaited style means you can do it up anywhere along its length so can be worn both on the hips, with trousers, or on the waist, with dresses or skirts....which is quite handy.  I got it a while ago from the boden sale but I only thought about wearing it on Saturday, I think it looks quite nice with these trousers and with my pink watch on too I really am working this pink thing, am I not?

Do not fear, soothing words for my own benefit here, I think tiny accents of pink is as far as I can take it, it will definitely be a newsflash if I buy something massively, shockingly pink!

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