NARS Douceurs de Paris eyeshadow palette

I know, I know, I may be a bit behind the times on this one, but NARS sold out of their original stock of this limited edition eye shadow palette and I can see why.  The good news is they have decided to bring it back in all its glory and have an online re-launch.

So that is how I finally managed to get a hold of one (if you want one then I think you might have to get in there quickly), and glad I am too, it is stunning.  Just to look at the colours sitting in the palette is a pleasure, and of course the English name for it is Pleasures of Paris...mais oui, mais oui, c'est vrai!

Back row from left to right:  Nepal, Violetta, Demon Lover
Front row from left to right:  Fez, Abyssinia, Cordura

You might be able to tell from the palette photo that they are all shimmer colours except for violetta and demon lover which are both really, really matt.  Consequently those two don't swatch up great as you can see from the below shots taken in natural daylight.  In particular violetta has a poor show here which is not the eye shadow's fault but more due to my lovely pale blue, British summertime skin tone blending in with it (tan you say? nah!).

top row colours from top to bottom: demon lover, violetta and nepal
bottom row colours from top to bottom: cordura, abyssinia and fez

Nepal, abyssinia and fez can all be purchased as single eye shadows if you don't want to buy the whole palette.  Cordura and demon lover can be purchased as part of duos - I think violetta used to be available as a duo but its not showing on their website at the moment.

My favourite colours are fez (I love shimmery, coppery colours) and cordura which is really dark and has the most incredible gold flecks which are definitely going to look great on.

I am also impressed with NARS exceptional customer service which I had to experience given that my first palette arrived with fez smashed in.  You know the feeling, all excited opening up package, open the case and "oh" all of a sudden really gloomy... Anyway I emailed them and quite quickly they asked me to send them some pictures, which I duly did (feeling like a sort of private eye shadow investigator)!

Next thing they ask me to send the palette back, refund me the postage (which was not inconsiderable given that NARS are a French company based in, like, FRANCE), send me a new palette along with a lovely mini Laguna bronzer as a gift....how great is that?!  So NARS get the thumbs up from me, my new favourite makeup company and if you decide to buy some makeup from them, you won't be disappointed.

It isn't cheap but the quality is really good, and I know everyone says that but try it, be surprised, I did and I was and I can be a right miser sometimes.


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