Chanel Peridot

I got this today, which is a bit of a miracle because its sold out almost everywhere, it is the much lauded new Chanel colour for Autumn, Peridot.

I just had to put it on straight away because it is such a gorgeous colour, so I sat there painting my nails while Mr P cleaned the windows. 

It's an unusual colour, what is called duo-chrome, because its got a slight blue tint which I think is what makes it look a different colour in all different lights...only Chanel get this SO right.

In natural and bright daylight like above, its quite a pale green with a metallic sheen but get it in some bright light, with a flash as below, then it transforms into something sparkly and gold and 'oh lady bloomface, where did you get that nail varnish?'  Que pensez-vous? geddit? some schoolgirl French in honour of lady Coco, mais oui.

Well I love it, can't stop looking at my nails, which is making it slightly difficult to type so am off downstairs to make cheese and lentil loaf for dinner....yum! Hello, hello, yes I know you are thinking what's yum about that but it is quite nice, honest.

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