I ♥ Manchester

What is Manchester famous for?

Manchester United is probably what most people would say, and after all it is probably the city's greatest worldwide export. Well I say pah to football and instead celebrate the fact that Manchester is the home of indie music with some of the best bands EVER hailing from this northern metropolis.
You can't argue with the likes of The Smiths, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, New Order.. .oh my goodness the list is endless and I didn't even mention Oasis!!

Anyway, we went to visit our family in Manchester last weekend. I've never been before, didn't know what to expect and was really not expecting too much, 'yeah, it's a city right'  's'pose it'll be alright'. So it was with delight that we found Manchester to be very much to our taste. It's just big enough to be big and wowy but not too big to be scary and intense.

All the areas are nicely defined and so it's quite villagy, we were right next to Chorlton which apart from being where the wheelies come from (please, please say you remember them?), is very lovely, leafy and full of chi-chi little shops...which I didn't have a chance to go in but will definitely do next time.
Chorlton is also the home of the most brilliant shop ever, the shop that makes me want to pack my bags up and move north.....the Unicorn Grocery.  Oh what a delight, a shop that has NO meat in it whatsoever. Ta da. I felt like skipping through the aisles, in fact I think I did a little bit...and even better than being a vegetarian shop, its actually a vegan shop so no dairy or eggs either. We purchased lots of lovely vegetables, some mason jars and some delicious pasties to eat on our long drive home.

We also took Tilly for a walk at a place called Alderley Edge which has lots of ancient and wizardy connections. It was very beautiful with great views over the city but shame the weather wasn't better so we could get some better shots, ah well.

Manchester is out there...somewhere
It was a great walk, the dogs loved it (we went with Tilly's new friend Peggy a Border Terrier), and so did we....although there were no poo bins, not even back at the car park...which is a bit odd.
Anyway, much more to see next time we visit, can't wait.

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