Malta #2

It's hard work you know, having to go to away for a bit and having to stay in an apartment with this for a view!

It was my first trip to the tiny island of Malta set adrift in a lonesome part of the Mediterranean and I was not disappointed.  It is unique and quirky and surprisingly untouched by the mass tourism that dominates the rest of the Med, which makes it a great place for a holiday , well if you like that kind of thing that is.

We only went for a short, short trip owing to me having an exam and Mr P going away with his work so we were keen to make the most of it.  Our friend's apartment was in the small and rather chic town of Mellieha in the northwest of the island.  From Mellieha, and in fact from their balcony, you can see over to Gozo and the tiny island of Comino which sits in between.

We visited the pretty, pretty port of Marsaxlokk (pronounced marsha-shlock).  It is a tiny village and very pretty, the port is huge and filled with the traditional Maltese luzzu boats that are brightly painted, always in red, blue, yellow and green.  The harbour is full of them, we stayed and had lunch in the sunshine.

I'll leave you with a picture of the yummy Maltese pastini biscuits that we have been scoffing almost constantly since our return.....I am actually glad to say that they are nearly all gone because I absolutely can NOT resist them.  Yum.

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