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So we are back from outer space (well that's what jet lag makes it feel like anyway!!), and loving being home in gorgeous, wet, orange-coloured England - love, love, LOVE this time of year!

So, it was a weird old trip because it was so last minute and not a holiday in any real sense of the word at all.  We were offered the chance to spend a week there so we could investigate the area to see if we liked it, to check out housing, residential areas and the cost of stuff.  Not an easy task but necessary so that Mr P could make up his mind about a job offer.  So every day was spent travelling around and house-hunting and boy was it tiring, the Bay Area of California is huge!

On the first day we looked to the east, visiting the beautiful leafy towns of Lafayette and Walnut Creek.  The next day we had a tour organised by a relocation specialist and we went into San Francisco and then out to Berkeley, which was really gorgeous and a great foodie haven.  We then went down south to Stanford and finished up in Marin County which is north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Phew...!!

Obviously we found time to fit in some shopping, got my bro some Levis - which are so cheap, probably because they were invented in San Francisco (I never knew that...did you?), and Mr P got himself his longed for iPad even with me tutting, rolling my eyes and refusing to enter the store.  You know the store I mean, the one with all the hollering, crazy employees, makes me shudder even to think about it.

We also did some touristy stuff.  We went to Pier 39 and saw the sea lions, which just freaked me out frankly...bit like Blackpool with a heap of big lovely sea monsters crammed onto a floating pontoon....weird!

We also walked up the very famous and wiggly Lombard Street and that really was amazing.  So high and so steep, I never did realise how steep the hills are in SF, the films just do not do them justice, I mean you could see for miles at the top of some of the hills.

So we did it, we loved visiting but we ultimately have decided not to accept the fabulous offer of a job there and you know the main reason why??  Tilly pooh-face....that's why!

It isn't the most dog-friendly of places, lots of concrete and gazillions (I mean GAZillions!) of cars and we had to compare what her life would be like there compared to here where we have the gorgeous-ness of Swinley Forest right outside our front door and so much greenery that sometimes it makes me feel a bit dizzy.

So we did it for you pooh-face....you better love us forever now!

You know what as well, going out there to seriously consider moving thousands of miles away from home made me realise what a proper Brit I am.  I pined for home; single lane roads, left-hand drive cars and a nice cup of tea!  And I wouldn't know what to do without my family and friends, so hooray for us, lets celebrate gorgeous GB and finally making a decision after three weeks of stressing and worrying about it.


  1. Whoopsie...spot the deliberate, CRAZEE mistake...I meant right-hand drive cars!! Durr!

  2. These pictures are great. I've been wanting to visit for a little while now.

  3. Thank you Yara, you must go, it's fab :o)

  4. Oh my goodness, your little Tilly pooh-face is SO ADORABLE!! How can you do anything to make that sweet girl unhappy?? What truly beautiful eyes! You are very lucky! :-)

    PS - I live in rural North Carolina, USA, and I'd NEVER be happy in San Francisco either....I'm with Tilly, I need grass and trees and space! A fun place to visit, though, right?!


    1. Thank you Lisa, she is a cute thing isn't she...we feel very lucky indeed. I know what you mean about grass and trees and space, I couldn't live without it and it was kinda foolish to even think we could. What is North Carolina like???

      ps. yes great place to visit, specially for the vegetarian restaurant Greens....love!


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