I passed my exam in swotty style

I do apologise in advance if this post is a bit show-offy but I'm just bursting to share my exam result news because I got a completely unbelievable DISTINCTION!!!!  Yes I did, a DISTINCTION!!!!! A few more exclamation marks might make it sink in a bit, however I have checked and checked and checked again in case they've made a mistake and it does indeed seem to be my actual result.

The reason for this very un-British and unashamed glee is that I have never, ever, EVER received a distinction in anything and I was so overwhelmed when I got this email that I cried.

So much time and effort goes into sitting exams, endless hours of revising and wondering when I'll be free to go and watch Ice Road Truckers again like a normal person..... and I usually do just alright (which is fine by me) but never better than alright and never proper swotty.... so this came out of nowhere and made my day...sod that, it has actually made my year!

Right boasting over, I'll squeeze my ginormous head out of here now and calm down a bit eh..maybe a nice cup of tea.

Toodle-oo for now..
The very brainy and swotastic me.

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