Tilly attempts to break both legs

Gorgeous T-dog pictures courtesy of Mr P

Tilly is nearly nine months old and so far we've only had a couple of scares with her; once when she was tearing around the garden she banged her leg on a bench and screamed her head off.  The other time resulted in an expensive trip to the vets after we got up to find her bed completely filled with puke, lovely.

So we are most certainly not used to drama, she's quite a hardy young pup.  But then, last weekend she properly hurt herself whilst out walking with Mr P and she has the scars to prove it!  Poor Mr P was devastated and sought solace in the gin....which, as I'm sure you know, just made him even more miserable!

Here's the story then....they were out walking and it got dark just as they reached the last stretch which happened to be the cemetery.  She started to do her loopy running around thing (she just runs round and round in big circles all excited like!) and the next thing Mr P heard was her screaming.  He ran over and she was crying and unable to walk so he picked her up and carried her home.

When he got home he discovered that she had obviously run straight into something because both of her legs were cut (oh sad face).  We went back the next day and one of the graves has a low, wire fence around it so this was obviously the offending article..tsk.  It would seem that the force of the impact had literally ripped all the hair out of her legs in two little patches, like violent threading. Oh my!

"Look at my bald spots Mummy and ooh haven't I got a shiny coat (and really weird eyes...eek)"
The good news is that she is okay, Mr P made sure she could walk (she could virtually straight away) and then checked her legs to see if they were broken or if they hurt her, she didn't seem bothered when he touched them so we are pretty sure they aren't busted real bad.  In fact by the time I got home she was all chipper and running around pleased to see me, poor Mr P was sitting gutted on the sofa.

The skin was all sore and weepy - as you can imagine it would be after having all the hair ripped out with force and so we've been bathing them with a weak Dettol solution and checking them a lot.  Unfortunately she is quite happy to sit and lick them all day long so every time they scab up and get ready to heal she dutifully picks them off and makes them red and sore again....so they still look quite bald a week later but she's absolutely fine, she even managed to pose for Christmas photos on Thursday so she must be okay ;o)

"WHAT? just what is this hideous thing doing around my neck"?
Whilst we are sure she's okay, she is her normal self and running around like a lunatic most of the time after all, we are a bit worried about her hair growing back.  I really hope it does otherwise she is going to look a little odd....although (and Mr P won't be happy with me saying this), it does give her a distinguishing feature ;o) we googled it and apparently sometimes the hair grows back white!!  She'll be our Cruella Deville doggy then won't she!!

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