Tom Ford Black Orchid Lipstick

Oh my goodness I have been eyeing up this lipstick for ages and at the airport I finally cracked.  Seriously expensive though, gulped visibly when she told me how much at the till (note to Mr P, I will never, EVER tell you how much it cost), and sheepishly handed over my credit card.

Firstly let me tell you that I never usually buy dark lipsticks, they don't really suit me and I think it gets harder to pull them off the older you get.  But this one is quite beautiful and therefore needed to be in my life, well my makeup bag anyway, if only for it's sleek black case which whispers shut..oh yeah.

The lovely makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has created a great video on this lipstick showing all the different ways it can be worn and thankfully it isn't quite so scary if you just dot it onto your lips with your fingertip.  Applying it this way leaves a lovely little plummy stain on your lips - brilliant for daytime looks and lasts a long time.

Alternatively if you want to go for a full on goth look (note, this is what Mr P told me I looked like with it on), then apply with a lipbrush.  It is quite dark and very stainy so it's worth using a similar coloured lip pencil first to achieve a perfect finish.  Be warned though it is totally plumtastic and very mysterious and I'm certain that wild, adventurous things will happen to you when wearing it - so wear at your peril.

The final way I would wear it would be blotted - it's quite nice blotted - with a smear of clear gloss over the top, very nice look indeed and brings out a few sparkly hints in the lipstick too.

A lovely makeup purchase, if anyone tells Mr P how much this cost I will track them down and haunt them - maybe in the next life though, not sure I can be bothered to go to all that effort in this one!

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  1. This is such a great post, thank you. It's really nice of you to show how different it can look. I've been wanting to get Black Orchid for some time now. Looks like it's a perfect time to do so! x


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