Christmas crochet projects

So Christmas is over for another year and we can all relax now...phew.

It gets kinda hairy those few days beforehand doesn't it?  Having to brave the supermarket on the day before Christmas Eve is particularly not good for ones blood pressure, that's for sure!

So this year I relaxed (well kinda) by crocheting pretty Christmas Stars and gorgeous Christmas Trees.  I made these in loads of different colours then bunged a ribbon on them and attached them to everyones presents.

Maybe the little stars and trees will get a place on their Christmas trees next year.  Ah that would be nice.

The Christmas Star tutorial was from way down under and the fabulous Jellywares blog.  Visit Jodie at Jellywares here or look at the Star Tutorial here.

The Christmas Tree tutorial was from The Royal Sisters and you can visit Michelle (the royal lady herself) here or look at their wonderful Tree Tutorial here.

I love both these patterns and it is so great that these blogging ladies go to all the time and effort to put them up with easy to follow pictures and instructions and all for free....thank you Jodie and Michelle.

Merry Christmas.

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