Christmas crochet projects

So Christmas is over for another year and we can all relax now...phew.

It gets kinda hairy those few days beforehand doesn't it?  Having to brave the supermarket on the day before Christmas Eve is particularly not good for ones blood pressure, that's for sure!

So this year I relaxed (well kinda) by crocheting pretty Christmas Stars and gorgeous Christmas Trees.  I made these in loads of different colours then bunged a ribbon on them and attached them to everyones presents.

Maybe the little stars and trees will get a place on their Christmas trees next year.  Ah that would be nice.

The Christmas Star tutorial was from way down under and the fabulous Jellywares blog.  Visit Jodie at Jellywares here or look at the Star Tutorial here.

The Christmas Tree tutorial was from The Royal Sisters and you can visit Michelle (the royal lady herself) here or look at their wonderful Tree Tutorial here.

I love both these patterns and it is so great that these blogging ladies go to all the time and effort to put them up with easy to follow pictures and instructions and all for free....thank you Jodie and Michelle.

Merry Christmas.


how to make avocado salsa

We made this wonderful Delia recipe on Sunday for lunch with our family.  It went with Nigella's Mexican lasagne (Delia and Nigella together for Sunday lunch..cor!), which itself is utterly divine but together with this salsa it really becomes WOW.

This is a lovely dish, it is so zingy and tasty and full of flavour, we will surely be making it again and again (mainly because we eat Nigella's Mexican lasagne again and again), give it a try, go on, its dead easy.

Now Delia's recipe says it serves four but we are a greedy lot so we doubled up some of the ingredients and this is what we used.

4 fairly large tomatoes
2 avocados
1 red onion
2 limes
salt and pepper
teeny tiny bit of coriander (or loads if you like it but we're not that keen)
optional - tabasco sauce

All you do is cover the tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes so that you can skin them (I always make a tiny slit in the tomato once it's submerged and this seems to make the skin peel away all by itself).  Then skin, chop in quarters, remove the seeds and roughly chop.

Chop the avocados into smallish pieces and add to the chopped tomatoes.

Finely chop a red onion, we used almost a whole one as it was a whopper - add this to the mix.

Give it a mix up and season well.  Add the lime juice and mix it up again.  Add your coriander (if you like it) and tabasco (if you think you need it) and cover with clingfilm.

Pop it in the fridge and leave to stew for a good couple of hours to really get the flavours going.

Ta da! It's like you're a professional chef and everything (well this is how it makes me feel anyway)!


Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume IV

Only a few months since the wonderful Anniversary Palette and Urban Decay have done it again with their Book of Shadows Volume IV.  It's so pretty, I'm in love, for the second time in as many months.  How annoying.

They've gone and done it again with their colours, lots of really pretty ones and a whopping ten of them are new...TEN whole new colours....brilliant.

My favourite colours are the amazingly named Bender - a lush dark olive green with a gold shimmer and the beautiful purplely Gravity which has a multicoloured glitter (could be tricky to work with).  I am also in love, love, loving Hijack a pretty blue/green - although I stuck my finger in it when I opened the box for the first time...hmph!

Now this brings me to where and how this box disappoints.  The reason I jammed my finger in Hijack is because the box is full of lots of pointless bits of excessive nonsense which makes it big and cumbersome and difficult to open.

For instance, you get a speaker!!  I mean, how silly and completely not cool Mr Urban Decay. The other items are more useful; you get the standard mini tube of primer potion (always useful), some 24/7 liquid liner instead of the usual 24/7 pencil eyeliner (nice for a change) and also a tiny little sample of the super curl mascara (again, nice for a change).  Only trouble is, I would have loved the palette without these little additions and it also would have made the palette a more suitable size.

So here are all the beautiful colours in all their glory.

Blue Bus is BRIGHT!!! huh?

The other reason I'm in love with this palette is because it has more neutrals than normal....it makes it more useful and better value for money too....an excellent Christmas present maybe...I would be hinting by now but I got this super cheap when we were in San Francisco - which was necessary because this is a pricey little bleeder...oh yes.