crochet fingerless gloves

So I bought this skein of wool a while back, it's from James C. Brett and is called Monsoon.  I just got the one and randomly picked it up in the yarn shop because it was pretty.  I mean how ridiculous.....I'm like a magpie distracted by anything shiny and bright.  But it is pretty, right?  You maybe would've been distracted too, yeah?

Well, it's been sitting in my wool bag for ages and I finally decided to take some action and use that pretty blooming wool for something useful that I would use and see everyday.  It wasn't hard to figure out what to make given that it's freezing cold here at the moment, gloves.

So I flicked and perused through my books and looked at lots of different patterns for fingerless gloves or wristwarmers on Ravelry  (love that name for them, like legwarmers for your wrists...cool) and finally I found this pattern...ooooh I love it.

It's another one from the brilliant Nicki Trench Cute and Easy Book and I thought it looked relatively do-able so off I set with my Monsoon yarn and my 5mm hook.

It started off quite tricky, doing the first row of single crochet into the foundation chain is just evil and trying to maintain the correct number of stitches on each round was also a bit of a pain. But each round got a bit easier and by the time I got to the pretty lace edging for the fingers, I was rocking :o)

This was the trickiest bit, I frogged it about three times before I got the number of stitches right.  Still purrrrrrritty...non?

The lacy finger bits...awesome!

The frilly edge, I love it!

Ta. da. The first one is finished.  Another tricksy bit was the thumb which is crocheted on to the glove separately and I did spend quite a few minutes trying to figure it out how to bleeding do it...!! Grrr.

Because of the colour changing yarn both gloves are different....I really like that.  Oh yeah and I LOVE the frilly edge.  And now for the big reveal....my new gloves in all their glory!!

Do you like them?  I love them and have worn them loads already...hurrah!


  1. Love these, the yarn is a lovely mixture of colours.

  2. Me too, pink and green should ALWAYS be seen :o)

  3. Your fingerless gloves are really great and I love the look of the yarn and colours!

  4. Oh, your gloves are beautyful! I love the colours too. Last winter I bought such coloured yarn too, but then I put it in my cupboard. Yeah, I should go there and pick up my yarn for making gloves. :-D Have a great week and a good time with your baby! Greetings from Germany. Sabine.


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