how to make a cross stitch phone cover

Well if you didn't already know that these things existed and if you like cross stitch or even the idea of making your own design cover for your phone then hurrah, you've come to the right place.

I discovered these kits a short while ago when I was looking for a new cover for my iPhone.   You buy a set (I got mine from amazon and it was well cheap!!), and basically you get a plain silicone cover which has been stamped with holes for you to cross stitch to your hearts content.

You also get a selection of embroidery thread and a little booklet with some suggested designs, which I think is quite a good deal for under a fiver.  I got the black but it also comes in loads of bright colours (which I am seriously tempted by) too!!

Well I was a bit stumped for design choice but then decided I wanted something as bright and colourful as possible and saw this design from a great book called Sweet Treats in Cross Stitch and it looks like this.

Now you wouldn't know it to look at it but it's supposed to be a jar of sweets.  I just looked at it and saw the possibility of having loads (LOADS) of colours on my cover...

It was really weird stitching into silicone but not terrible, sometimes the thread sort of frayed as it went through but I think some of the holes were a little tight and it doesn't matter as you can't tell.  Very different from stitching into fabric though.

I started off by following the chart really closely but soon descended into doing my own thing as time went by and it dawned on me that my whole jar of sweets wouldn't fit.  I don't think you can tell though, quite a pretty end result if I do say so myself :o)

Now for the sad news, whilst it is really pretty and I love it a lot, the quantity of embroidery thread that I've used has stretched the silicone so that it bags out a bit at the back.  You can see it a little bit in the picture above.  Not a terrible bad point and I think if you just do a small design without too much thread it probably won't happen to you.

I've sorted the problem out quite well by soaking it in hot water (well Mr P did anyway), it doesn't bag out anywhere near as much now and I might try again with boiling water later today - will report on the results of this soon.

All in all a great product, really good price and highly recommended for those of you with a creative itch that needs a good scratch!!

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