Happy Birthday Tilly

Photo courtesy of Mr P
Tilly had her Birthday at the weekend, she is now one!

We can't believe it, she is a whole year old and it seems like yesterday she was just a little puppy, all cute, fluffy, crazy, scatty and wild.

Oh my gosh she was so cute when she was this little, she scoffed like you wouldn't believe and had a teeny tiny ratty tail.

And all that scoffing made her grow, she just grew and grew and grew some more and now she is a giant dog...well maybe not a giant dog but she is certainly quite a big girl indeed.

Photo courtesy of Mr P

Butter wouldn't melt huh??

She's a bit of an all action dog, her daily walks in the forest are her favourite thing and she is so funny to watch bounding around chasing imaginary stuff or more likely chasing pine cones, she is completely obsessed with chasing pine cones!

"YAY!!" Photo courtesy of Mr P

We hope that Tilly has enjoyed her first year on planet earth.  I pretty much think she has, apart from the odd telling off and and serious amounts of shouting "NO", she has it quite easy (I think).  She has toys and (quite boring) food twice a day, chews, walks, playtime, snoozes and plenty of cuddles, she gets away with lots and is utterly, utterly spoilt. Hurrah.

We just feel honoured to be her human parents, I expect her doggy parents are off somewhere in Wiltshire retrieving pheasants and working hard, it is tough sometimes being a dog owner but most of the time it is such a joy :o) especially with a sweet and loving dog like Tillster.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl.

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