spring fever - the best bedding right now

Source: Anthropologie

I love a freshly made bed.

And I love beautiful bedding, I could while away the hours looking at pretty quilts and pillowcases so thought I would share my favourites with you today as spring fever has taken hold and I have been dreamily looking at linens more than ever!

I've got brights, patterns, swirls and textures as well as some plain and refined looks - our bedroom is very plain with quite neutral greys, purples and creams - I wish it was a riot of colour like this one above - I wonder if I could get this quilt past Mr P??

My favourite shop is Anthropologie and I spend a shocking amount of time on their website - you will see why when you clock a load of these!!

Source: Anthropologie

Source: Anthropologie
I do occasionally browse elsewhere...

Source: White Company

Source: John Lewis

Source: Rosehip on Etsy
Time for bed perhaps?

Not likely, I'm off to finish my first knitting project in about seven years.  And yes, it is a scarf, but you've got to start somewhere!!


  1. Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great week!!! :-)



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