a disastrous first knitting project

...and probably my last to be completely honest with you.

Looks harmless sitting there all nicely folded on the sofa doesn't it?  Well let me tell you this scarf was a battle of wits.  It took ages to make (mainly because I'm SO bad at knitting), used loads of wool and was a right bugger to stitch up at the end causing me to revert to my good old buddy crochet to finish it off.

And then....cue the melancholy music and sad face, I don't like it.

Ha! That'll teach me to try out something new.  Well I say something new but I think I got the pattern book, this one here..

....for a Birthday present, oh maybe nine or ten years ago (yikes), and I've never made anything from it so I felt that I should and see that lovely scarf she's wearing on the front cover...well that's what I decided to make - looks quite nice on her doesn't it??

Well that's because all the shots of this scarf don't show it's amazing and quite shocking length!!  Herein lies my main problem with said Berber Scarf (as it is known in the pattern world), and maybe I should have paid heed to the title of the book - it is huge, ginormous, massive and completely out of control.

Ha haa...I mean, really!   You start wrapping this bad boy around your neck and you pretty soon end up looking like a ninja with serious weight problems.  Oh yeah, I'm not kidding and I'm not even showing you the pictures because they are all so bad.  I tried to make the scarf look some kind of stylish but in every shot I look like I'm being eaten alive by a crazed yarn monster.

And....AND! it sheds like a thing possessed.  I made it in greys and black because I have two lovely black wool coats for the winter.....this scarf ain't going anywhere near them, it coats, literally coats, anything black in a thick layer of muted grey fluff, not a pretty look.

The hideous great scarf of Blooming Towers, sadly packed away probably never to be seen again.

Maybe I could give it away to an animal shelter, think how many puppies and kittens would be kept warm by just this one unwanted scarf.

So me and knitting, we've fallen out again.  I keep trying to be good at it and make something useful but every single knitting episode of my life has failed.  You just have to ask my Dad, who had the misfortune to receive my first ever knitted item, another scarf and also grey.  The scarf was so short (too long? too short? I need to get some middle ground here), that he literally had to force it to go round his neck and he faithfully ignored the holes and missed stitches whilst wearing it every single day to walk the dog!!  Thanks Dad.

I'm sure I will try again some time soon, but don't count on it, I've got millions of better things to be doing with my yarn stash. Crochet, I love you.

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  1. Thank you for making me laugh with this lovely post! I can't believe this is your FIRST knitting project! It's absolutely awesome, really! My first one is just a washcloth and I still love it. I hope you can give knitting another try and soon your hard work will pay off. :)
    Thank you for stopping by and you have a great day!
    Hugs, LS


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