vintage love affair

I'm currently having a vintage love affair, I admit it.

I found this dress on Etsy, who I've been having a love affair with for ages (yep Mr P knows, it's old news now) and I liked it so much that I bought it.  My first ever vintage purchase and I love it.  Mr P on the other hand thinks it looks like a tablecloth.  Hmph!

So having Etsy to lovingly peruse every day is a comfort, but the only problem with it (and it's a minor one, I love that site), is that it's quite US focused - lots and lots of lovely stuff for sale in America, looks reasonably priced but then it costs a million quid to ship to the UK - not so reasonably priced.

Then, during a period of enforced bed rest (yes such a thing still occurs, sounds very 1960s), I discovered ASOS Marketplace.  What a find (probably old news by now), not only can you buy and sell lovely things on this site but if you fancy a clear out you can set up a page to sell off your wardrobe.

The best thing is most of the sellers on there are UK based, it is open to all countries but most are from good old Blighty and it's chock full of independent vintage resellers and shop owners, all in one place - brilliant!  I could spend all day browsing, just looking at pretty stuff (I like to think of this activity as "online rummaging"!).  

I've already bought a lovely blue dress from there, trouble is that it's a wee bit big - in fact it's loads too big and herein lies the problem with buying vintage clothes....the fit.

I'm seriously going to have to practice much more on my sewing machine and learn to make alterations because the sizing can be so hit and miss.  I've been looking around for sewing classes (with a view to dressmaking) and think I've found a place in Clapham so fingers crossed I can do that and pretty soon I'll be sewing up a storm!

Go and have a look anyway, it's quite good fun and has lots of stuff for men and women alike - somehow vintage stuff for men isn't as nice though, I don't know why but have a look and you'll see what I mean.

Meanwhile, I'm off to make broad bean pilaf!!  Never made it before, should be interesting.

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  1. Looks lovely though
    Followed. And maybe you'll stop by me someday. =)


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