kitchen extension project begins

Could you be...the most hideous tiles in the world?

And so it begins.

Twelve whole weeks of work to transform our kitchen, and the whole back of our house in fact, from tatty, tired and a bit hideous in places, to something well, something a whole lot better we hope.

We are very excited about the work starting but also nervous too because neither of us has ever experienced this level of disruption (no kitchen for weeks!!!) or spent this much money...gulp....on a house before.

Here is what we currently have.  Our house is a traditional Victorian semi-detached cottage and the kitchen is at the back with a door to the side.

We are extending to the side of the house - all the way to where the window on the left is and also coming out about four metres to the back to about where the garden table currently is (see top left picture, ignore the crap everywhere, we had to empty and move the shed!).  The kitchen will be wider but not longer, we'll have a downstairs toilet and then the extension will be a relaxed seating area with a table, sofa and television with folding doors out onto a decked patio area.

We are getting rid of the horrible wood kitchen - the cupboard doors are actually painted and used to be dark green - can you imagine a dark green kitchen...heavens!

Also going is the old, menacing green cooker which actually stopped working last week, probably in protest because it knows that its on its way out :o) and whilst our back door is quite nice, it goes out to the side of the house, not the back so we don't get the benefit from having a stable door as it is never left open - so that is off to my brother's house instead.

The only thing we like about our current kitchen is the floor, nice proper slate tiles but very, very cold and so we are getting underfloor heating and oak floors instead.

The kitchen we will probably go for is cream or white gloss (haven't decided which) with very dark grey worktops.  I'd like an electric double oven and a gas hob but that is about as far as we have gone with the kitchen planning because we meet a kitchen designer on Saturday so hoping she can give us a better idea.

I've written to all the neighbours to apologise in advance for the noise and disruption (I think they might end up hating us), I've asked my folks if they would do our washing for us on a weekly basis, we've notified all the relevant authorities so....here we go. 

Wish us luck.

ps. if anyone fancies those lovely green tiles, we can save them for you, no problem.  Maybe just the ones with cherries on perhaps ;o)


  1. Good luck! Just hold on to the thought that IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT. IT WILL.

    Lots of love,

    1. Right...note to self....IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT, IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT... :o) already doing this now with a giant portaloo sitting outside the front window..argh! xxxx

  2. Hello again! Thank you for your comment, Blogger does seem to have a mind of its own. I'm sure your kitchen will look lovely when it's finished and all the disruption will be worth it. I wish I had a lovely, considerate neighbour like you, my neighbours don't care if they disturb us. They're not the best people and we intend to move one day. The wool I use is Stylecraft Special DK and I get it online from a place called Masons. They're very good and deliver within a couple of days. I'll find the link for you if you want, can't remember offhand. Lots of love xxx

    1. Thanks Emma, I've found the wool and am getting it right away...already have a few projects in mind for it. Not sure how much our neighbours are going to take...I have a feeling it's going to get pretty noisy/dirty/annoying etc, etc...oh well :o)

      Have a great weekend...lots of love xxx

  3. I hope the extension work all goes smoothly for you..I am sure it will look lovely once it is all done. We just got a few things done to our kitchen (it was just a small job though)..it was 3-4 days of take away dinners though while the work was getting done.
    Do share a photo once it is all finished :)
    Magie x

    1. Thanks Magie, will be sure to share many photos...xxx

  4. Oh yes please, I'd love those tiles. Just kidding. ;)
    How very exciting. Good luck and I hope it goes smoothly. Look forward to seeing some pictures down the track.
    When we had our kitchen done we only did minor work with putting in new windows and french doors. It took only a couple of weeks. It was messy and food prep was hard, but when you walk into the finished space, it's so great and so worth it.

    1. Now Sarah are you sure you don't want those tiles...free of charge to you and everything ;o)

      We are dreading it but glad the work is about to start...just to get on with now will be good...xxx

  5. Oh my goodness...good luck...it sounds like it will be amazing when its finished.
    It is my dream to have a new kitchen...one day!
    thanks for your sweet comment
    love jooles x

    1. Thanks Jooles...I've always wanted to do something like this so I suppose it's a dream come true...only a bit scary now I'm facing it in like real life and everything...!! xxx

  6. Hello and thanks for your comment over at mine!
    Oooh I do love a bit of building work. 'specially when it's at someone else's house and I can just watch from afar.. ! You think your tiles are bad? If I get round to it I will take a photo of the tiles that were in my kitchen. Bottle green, borders, bunches of grapes, the lot. I probably would have snatched someone's hand off for them about 15 years ago.
    I will be popping by for a butchers at your progress.
    Happy day!

    1. I want to see these tiles of yours...will they make me feel better...?? :o) xxx


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