lucky lipstick love

I'm a very lucky lady.

The lovely Mr P was working in New York all last week.

He had miserable weather (it rained the whole time he was there whilst we baked in glorious Blighty sunshine), he worked very hard, ate lots of meat (he has to get in his meat quotas whilst away from me and my vegetarian cooking), and had horrible return flight times but he still came home on Friday afternoon laden with gifts for everyone but himself.

I was treated to some of my favourite lipsticks.  Oh Joy!

He got me a couple of lipsticks from MAC.  My favourite Cremesheen lipstick, Creme Cup - so pretty, so pink, so right for summer - this one I will NOT destroy by leaving it on a boiling hot windowsill.

He also got me a Satin Lipstick in the colour Myth, which I haven't tried before but it's part of MAC's new Fashion Sets range which picks the most popular colours in different countries - Myth is apparently the number one selling MAC lipstick in Russia!!  It looks a bit orangey in the picture (too orangey for crows!), but it's a really pale nude colour in real life, quite nice and again a very good colour for summer especially when I normally go all out for pinks.

He also got me a Revlon lipstick that you can't get here in the UK (well I couldn't find it anyway so please let me know if I'm wrong), it's called Love That Pink and I'd heard great things about it whilst on my daily blog round-up.

It is a proper good pink colour, really deep and lovely, not too bright, not too brash but pitched just right for probably anyone.  I think this one is going to end up on the favourite lipstick list, I might even have to campaign with Revlon to bring it to the UK lipstick wearing population.

I also got a lovely coral-pink MAC nail polish in the colour Impassioned. Cor, it looks right lovely doesn't it but I'm currently wearing Barry M nail paint in Coral (No. 296), which is so bright and sunny, so it will have to wait to be tried out. 

Tilly was also treated.  She got a new collar in pink - makes me smile to think of our pretty girl in pink but unfortunately it's too big for her so she won't be the most stylish dog on the block for a while yet - well until Mr P takes the collar to the menders and gets a new hole punched anyway.

Source for the a.mazing Brooklyn Bridge image at the top of this post, brilliant shot from Michael Klement available on Etsy.


  1. Hello, I have an apology to make. I was sorting out my blog yesterday and stopped following yours by mistake. I only realised this morning and have re-followed you. Sorry about that xxx

  2. I can't believe you forgot the absolutely top notch, best of all present I brought home!!

    Tilly's new pet, Monkey. :)

    1. Oh no!! How could I have forgotton Monkey!!! I will give Monkey his own blog post very soon to make up for this oversight :o) xxx

  3. Hello there!
    Lovely of you to find me and leave me kind words too!
    I soo love Mac lipstick....
    Keep youir chin up with your essay work, my daughter is the same,but she is nearly there, with her work!
    Hoping the sun shines brightly on your Tuesday!
    Maria x

  4. Oh Wow, what great pressies! I love the lipstick colours and the nail polish is so pretty (perfect for summer!). I did the same thing the other day with my lipstick, I foolishly left it on the window sill..luckily I managed to save it just in time before it became a melted mess (that will teach me for being lazy :P).
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I will try and start up an instagram sharing account, and let you know. I am all very new to it all..I just installed it about a month ago (when I found out they finally have it for my phone now). It does make my phone super slow, but I think it is still worth it :P
    Also to answer your question, I used 'Picasa' for the collage bit, which I have on my desktop..I think also 'Picmonkey' online now has a collage feature as well. Hope that helps :)
    Have a great day today..
    Magie x


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