new Burt's Bees tinted lip balm

So I was pottering around Waitrose yesterday and this little beauty caught my eye.

Burt's Bees do lovely lip balm so of course (of course!) I wouldn't be able to walk past the display without picking one up.  Just to, you know, have a look.  The packaging is really cute, the lip balm comes in a cardboard tube, like a little parcel of lip balm loveliness...yes, you know it.  I bought one.

There are six colours to choose from on their website, only three available in Waitrose.  I chose Pink Blossom but there was a peachy one and a reddish one there too, all looked scrumptious!

Pink Blossom is a lovely pinky colour which looks quite bright (and a bit scary) in the tube but goes on really smooth and makes my lips look a pretty pink gloss colour.

I like it, it stays on for ages, looks pretty and is good for you - yes that's why I got it, it's good for me, knew I'd find a good reason for buying it eventually :o)

The only downside is that it doesn't have a nice smell, in fact it doesn't really smell of anything and I like a nice smelly lip balm.  Also, remember that it's tinted!! I tend to get a bit happy with my lip balm application and definitely do NOT keep inside the lines!!

Once (not that long ago) I bought the tinted pink Vaseline that comes in the cute tin and smeared it all over my lips straight after buying it.  Only when I got back to my car (after spending quite a while in town) did I realise that I had pink smeared all around the outside of my lips and I looked somewhat like a crazy lady clown!!  Be warned, this one is a little bit like that too, as I found out yesterday.

Pretty though isn't it?  It goes straight on to the definitely recommend list, tinted lip balm is such an ace idea, a way to fulfil total lip balm addiction whilst looking a bit more polished than usual. Win!

I've spent all day today on my essay so feeling stressed I walked Tilly, in the sunshine and everything, and then came straight upstairs to listen to some classical music and write this (Mr P's excellent Calm CD has pretty much been on repeat for weeks now)!  Feeling a bit more relaxed now.  Bliss.


  1. Mmmmm interesting. I do like a scented lip balm best though.

    Can I just say, love the crocheted flowers in a previous post. Beautiful colours too. xx

  2. k so I LOVE this stuff, I love the pink one!...it's like my favorite thing since hand sanitizer! haha

    you've got good taste sista!




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