new kitchen is on the way

Soon.  I hope.

We have been planning our new kitchen for months and as it will also mean an extension out to the side and the back of our existing kitchen, the planning stages (and headaches and excitement) have been quite huge!

We think that we are almost there.  We have planning permission - hurrah! We have structural drawings done and submitted to the council - hurrah! And the final piece of the puzzle, our builder (the most important piece, non?), well we think we will have him chosen this week....this week!!!! Argh scary exciting!!!!

So now all the decisions have been made about the building, we realised that we had to sit down and think about what we wanted our new kitchen to look like.

We sort of thought just saying "white cabinets, wood floors, dark grey granite worksurfaces" would keep getting us through these discussions (it has so far) but this week realised that serious planning had to be undertaken.

We also really like the idea of having a fairly large island in the middle of the kitchen - probably more square than the one above - so we can all gather around it and lean...I quite like having a lean in a kitchen, do you??  But apart from that we have no further clues.  I sat and did a plan yesterday and I'm hoping we can talk to the builder and go from there - fingers crossed.

So along with all this kitchen chaos we have also split our open plan living/dining room back into the two rooms it originally was - some mindless crazy person pulled the original wall down (with the original fireplaces...argh), years ago. 

You know, we thought "hey, we haven't got enough to think about right now, lets get a new wall in"! and promptly arranged to have it put back.  Sadly no fireplaces for us but we have put lovely glass double doors in the middle and they look lush - although they have been primed today in readiness for painting hence me sitting upstairs blogging on a Sunday night to escape the smell .  I would much rather be downstairs watching Khloe and Lamar, seriously, that Khloe chick has lovely hair doesn't she?

And...and...as if I didn't have enough to do (time for a moan now), I'm in the middle of a final assignment for part of the degree I'm doing, which has all gone horribly wrong.  Won't bore you with the details but essentially I've had to start all over again from the very beginning.  Yes I cried, yes I pouted and sulked and everything (maybe even stamped my foot a little bit) but in the end I have spent all last week and will spend all of the next two weeks doing it....not something that is filling me with joy right now, I can tell you that for sure.

So busy times.  As soon as we have a start date for the building work I'll take some before shots of the kitchen, including the natty green tiles, so you can see before, during and after shots!!

I hope you had a nice Sunday.  The sun actually shone in Blighty today, I know, really, it actually did and to make up for my moan, here is a gratuitous shot of some bluebells I picked.  Ahhh a happy Sunday ending.

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  1. I wish you luck in your kitchen renovation plan. This may sound a bit tough, but you’ll make it for sure. I’m confident that you’ll come up with bright ideas with regards to the design. I believe a word from close friends will help you in that area. I can’t wait to see what your kitchen would look in the end! I advise that you stay relaxed, and focus on the task at hand. Let creativity to flow freely. =)


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