a new puppy in the family

Don't worry, she's not ours, although after meeting her yesterday I kind of wish she was.

This is Delta.  She is my parent's brand, spanking new long-haired German Shepherd puppy.  She is almost eight weeks old, her paws are already bigger than Tilly's, she has lots of fur and is very, VERY, cute indeed.

She is so little and snuffly, all she wants to do is sleep, I don't think she really appreciated me picking her up and squeezing her so much yesterday, bet she was glad to get home, not least to get away from Tilly who of course went crazy over her.

Those ears, that tongue, those paws. Oh my!

My Mum and Dad are over the moon; she is apparently very good, she didn't cry all through her first night like our Tilster did, she eats raw meat (ewwwww), she is peeing and pooping fine (not always in the garden though) and Misty, my folks other dog (a Sheltie, also very hairy), is coping okay.

I think Misty will cope until Delta outgrows her, she is only small and Tilly already tramples all over her when they are playing.  Apparently both of Delta's parents were massive so it looks as though she may grow up to be a big old puppy, I think Misty will just have to put her foot down early on and establish her position in the house pecking order.  Bless her.

My favourite things about Delta (I'm sure this list will grow as she does) are her tan coloured eyebrows - so cute, her giant paws and her very lovely lopsided ears, I hope that never goes away.


  1. Awe, Delta is just adorable..who could resist a cute face like that :) She sounds like she is fitting in well. I remember when I first got Basil, he was a mini bundle of non-stop energy (they say pugs/shitzu's breeds are low energy..this so wasn't the case with mine :P). He is now 5 years old and he still is keeping me busy..They are sure lovely to have around though and bring so much joy :)
    Have a nice day
    Magie x

    1. Hiya Magie, Delta is cute huh..I reckon my folks are in for some fun times... :o) I love the name Basil for a dog...certainly better than Saruman (see below...ahem)!! I hope you have a lovely Jubilee weekend...lots of love xxxx

  2. Can we get one???.... Pretty please??.... I've already got a name...






    1. Hahahaaaa that made me laugh so much..can you imagine shouting "Saruman" in the forest...I think it would make you appear a million times more manly ;o) especially if you let me get a french bulldog and we call it that xxx

  3. 'Oh my' indeed, those paws, that tongue, those ears. What an adorable puppy face. How much fun. You'd want to put your hand up for babysitting duties for this one. How cute is Misty as well. Such a pretty face. xx

  4. That pup is just too much! Utterly gorgeous, I just want to ruffle his hair and make ridiculous cooing sounds at him.Rx



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