sixteen shades of grey

Having read (and not finished) the notorious Fifty Shades of Grey, in my despair (it really is that bad) I went searching for some cool grey stuff.

Considering grey is the colour of concrete and cloudy days, this lovely stuff is quite pleasing to the eye. Ce n'est pas???

Laters baby.
















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

All images taken from Etsy, click on images to go straight to the seller's lovely Esty page.


  1. If I had to choose, it would definitely be the earrings! I love earrings! But that belt with the grey roses is wonderful, too! And I also love the dress in the first picture! Great selection of grey things!

  2. Pure Loveliness! I just love the grey rosette belt on the dress...so pretty! The knitted tea cosy is cute as well..perfect for those warm winter drinks.

  3. C'est tres pleasing indeed!


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