crochet birdie mobile

I've been wanting to share the gorgeous Birdie Mobile I made from Linda Permann's Little Crochet book for ages.

I mentioned it here, actually made it for my brother and sister-in-law's new baby ages ago and then it sat (hung..or is it hanged?!?) in our upstairs hall for ages waiting to be delivered.

But delivered it was and now their new baby girl has some pretty birds to sit and float about above her cot.

The hoop is crocheted too!!

I really, really love this pattern.  The birds are so easy to make and stuff and then the construction of the mobile is genius as it is all crocheted and linked together to form one piece, very simple and not at all as difficult as I thought it was going to be.

I decided to use the same primary colour scheme as Linda and I like how it has turned out, very bright and vivid.  I am about to start my second one and this time I'm going to make it in pastel colours so it will be cool to compare the two.

Linda's version from her book Little Crochet.
This is the wool I used, it's Sirdar Supersoft Aran.

I got it from Purplelinda Crafts after searching around for ages for a worsted weight yarn - this type of wool doesn't seem to be so common in the UK and you do need the thickness of the yarn to hide the white colour of the stuffing inside the birds.

I didn't use the pink in the end but I'm thinking it's going to look lovely with the bright yellow. Oh yeah!

So May is over - the month of essay writing is behind me (thank goodness) and I have now already got my crochet groove back on.  I spent the weekend puzzling over my Springtime Throw, trying to figure out how many more square I'm going to need to make.

I've made 210 so far and I think I need to make 90 more (am suitably glum too!) so that my blanket can be 15 x 20 squares in size.

This is a big reduction on the size in the Nicki Trench pattern but I've decided that this blanket will be perfect for a new baby and come September time me and Mr P are going to need it :o)

I hope you all had a lovely Jubilee weekend and had some time to get your crochet groove on too.


  1. Such a sweet birdie mobile, what a lovely gift idea! I would love to see how the one in pastel colours turns out as well. Great idea using the embroidery hoop!
    I love the colours of the squares for your springtime crochet blanket..you sure have been busy busy crocheting! I think it will make the perfect baby blanket :)
    Have a lovely day today..
    Magie x

    1. Thanks Magie...will def do a post on the pastel version too xx

  2. the birdie mobile is really lovely!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. Wow! You must have lots of patience to do all of these amazing things! You're very talented! Can i also say that your pedicure looks fantastic? Have a good day!

    1. Thank you sexta-feira...I'm quite chuffed with my pedicure too :o) xx

  4. Hi Emma, the mobile is lovely, and so clever of you to use an embroidery hoop. I love your springtime throw, I have the book that its in and have thought about making one but have got too many things on the go at the moment xxx

    1. I know what you mean about projects on the go Emma, I've been making the springtime throw since before Christmas...arghhhhhh WIP forever probably.xxx

  5. That's really cute Emma...and you've really made it look like it appears in the book. I wish I was as handy with a crochet hook as you are!

  6. I just discovered your beautiful blog. Love that mobile and looking forward to your future postings...Have a great weekend!...Heidi

  7. Yep very lovely Emma,
    I feel like getting my crochet hook out again after reading your post!
    Have a happy weekend...
    Maria x

  8. ahhhh what a beautiful mobile, what a lucky little baby x
    210!!! wow...keep up the good work!
    love jooles x

  9. Your Springtime Throw looks beautiful. I am about to embark on this project and was wondering how many balls of wool you have used for the 210 squares. The pattern calls for a large quantity of wool, but I noticed that your first 100 squares didn't require many balls.

    I've really enjoyed reading your bright and lively blog. Thank You!!!

    1. Hiya karmski, I think I've probably used 2 balls of each colour (maybe not even 2) and about 5 or 6 balls of cream - so not as many as I thought I would need. You're right I didn't use that many for my first 100 either....they are quite small squares I suppose. I've nearly done 240 now and am almost on track for finishing....hope I get there in time for the baby's arrival. Thank you for your lovely comment and let me know how you get on with this epic blanket :o) xx

    2. Thank you for that info. I live in Western Australia and was thinking of purchasing the wool at Laughing Hen for £4.95 a ball. Does this seem like a reasonable price for Rooster wool. Think I'll order it in batches so it's easier to see what I will need and also better for the budget.

      Good luck finishing the blanket for the baby - very lucky to have such a talented Mum.

      Karen x

    3. Hi Karen, yes I think that's about what I paid and I either used Laughing Hens or I think Emma's Fabric Studio - check her out, she might be a bit cheaper...not sure about delivery to western Australia though :o) I also ordered in batches....it's WAY too expensive otherwise...good luck and don't forget to share your finished blanket...xx

  10. I ordered from Laughing Hens because they had full stock and their postage to Australia was much cheaper. I'd have loved to buy in Australia, but they are charging £12.18 (AU$18.95) a ball!! Even with postage buying from Laughing Hens is only £5.27 (no VAT of course). I am itching to start and will certainly share the finished product ..... may be quite a while, I expect.

    Thank you again. Karen


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