happy jubilee weekend

It's finally arrived. Our lovely Queen is celebrating 60 fabulous years on the throne...I can't believe it. I can remember the Silver Jubilee of 1977 so that makes me, like, OLD. Hurrah for Queenie, we love you Ma'am!

Queen's Diamond Jubilee ...
Diamond Jubilee Pincushion t...
Queens Diamond Jubilee Embro...
Union Jack British earrings ...
Red White and Blue Mini Bunt...
Jubilee flower ring rose ros...
Diamond Jubilee hand-printed...
Jubilee Party Cake Candle Se...
Jubilee Print - Long To Reig...
Red, white & blue 100% cotto...
Union Jack, Jubilee, Olympic...
The Queens Jubilee Bracelet
Mismatched Union Jack Vintag...
DIamond Jubilee Pocket Mirro...
Jubilee bunting gift box wit...

All items are available from Etsy, just click on the pictures to go straight there.  I'm in love with the pin cushion and the gift box.

How are you celebrating the Jubilee?  We are going to a barbeque (probably be an indoors one now though given the weather) and I shall be wearing red, white and blue.  Keep it patriotic, God save the Queen and all that.

Have a great celebration weekend.


  1. Some nice gear there, I will have a proper butchers later. I remember the Silver Jubilee clearly. It was the year I started work, they were still sending young children up chimneys then... mind you, I was a matchgirl.
    We are off out for a bit of a booze up with some friends, although I won't be drinking due to heavy drug useage. I will be wearing blue and white and shall proudly sport a red handbag to complete the outfit.
    Have a smashing weekend, really glad I found your blog. Or you found mine and all that!

  2. BBQ ...good fun then
    I'll miss it...naaaa I tell a lie I won't totally as I'll be watching what is going on on BBC World...and what I glean from bright chirpy bloggers and what my sisters will tell me via Skype... I was living in the Canary Islands during the last Jubilee so I missed that one too. Tch!!

    Amanda :-)

    1. Oh Amanda...I'm sure you would happily give up all that sunshine and come over for a rainy Jubilee weekend...wouldn't you?? :o)

      Maybe not, hope you have a good one xx

    2. I certainly would !!!! LOL

  3. What a fab collection- while I won't actually be celebrating the jubilee I am enjoying all the english blogs I follow and their preparations :) It's all so colourful and fun looking. *waves hello* from your newest follower Hazel.

    1. Hello Hazel....lovely to meet you, I've just been peeking at your blooming belly on your blog and left you a message there.

      Have a great weekend...xx

  4. Hello again! I have to confess that the rose in my garden grows and flowers despite extreme neglect. It was already here when we moved in and I've never done any more than occasionally chop it back a bit when it overdoes it and try to keep it tied to the garage wall. I've never sprayed it, pruned it properly or even watered it.
    Wish I was that lucky with lupins and foxgloves!

    1. Hmphhhh now you're just showing off Missy!!! ;o) xxxx

  5. I was reading today that although the Diamond Jubilee marks 75 years, they lowered it to 60 for Queen Victoria because after Albert's death in 1861 she had "withdrawn from public life". I thought it was very interesting!

    Have a great Jubilee weekend! :)

    1. Oh that is so sad...she loved that man so much. Good old Queen Vic :o) xxx

    2. That is interesting. I'm looking forward to watching the Jubilee on the telly.

  6. Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog and leaving a comment. I am so glad that you did because I have found your delightful blog. I am trying to sign up as a follower but google is playing up - I will keep trying. Zena is a flat-coat - you were right xx

  7. Hi..
    We are off to a vintage fair tomorrow, complete with donkey rides and swing boats!
    Soo am sure to get into the swing of the jubilee!
    I remember the Silver Jubilee vividly too..
    Have a happy weekend..
    Maria x


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