It makes me ever so slightly mad that it's almost the end of June and we have had hardly any sunshine.  Is it wrong to be mad with the weather??  Being British it does seem to be a waste of energy.

Well it is actually the first month of British summertime and it should be (in my fantasy world) full of sunshine and flowers, maxi dresses, suncream, strawberries, Pimms, super-high wedges, sunglasses and happy Ascot racegoers. 

Instead we've had gale force winds and floods, jumpers and socks, builders not turning up because of torrential rain and a kagoul requirement to walk the dog. Hmph! 

To be honest I'm convinced worried that I secretly love our outrageous weather, gives me something to moan talk about and if it gets too hot I can't handle it anyway!

The really good news is that most of the June flowers are out and I'm currently in love with the beautiful pink peonies in my Dad's garden (see top pic) and all these other pretties that I've seen this month whilst walking Tilster in the forest and the park.

The forest is preferably for walking because it's quiet but it gets really boggy when it's wet so I have to take her to the park which has become a bit of a battleground because we think Till Bill has entered her teenager stage!  In fact we're convinced she has as she keeps running off and scaring small children and dogs by going all stalky and wolfy with her hackles up....it's not very nice, I hope we're not scarring small children for life!

She's not quite so scary when she's up to this.

You just know that as she's rolling around in the grass, inside she is going "YAY!!!"

I like the fact that blue and yellow wildflowers so often grow together.

And these pink bells are lovely and dangly and properly scrumptious.

Hope you've had a nice Saturday and it's been full of flowers and sunny where you are.


  1. Such gorgeous shots Emma! I love the peony too - simply beautiful!
    Victoria xx

  2. I love wildflowers. They are so beautiful up close aren't they? And I know how you feel about the weather too. I moan if it's too hot and moan if it's raining. Isn't that just being British?! x

  3. Great post! We're having extreme heat here. I live in a part of Greece where it rains a lot during the year, so we always moan about the depressing weather! However, when this kind of heat comes and settles for good, it's so tiring! You get sweaty even without doing anything at all!
    I'm sending you some of our heat, then!
    Have a wondeful Sunday!

  4. the flowers are gorgeous!! and your dog is so funny in her "yay' moment!
    Enjoy your weekend, xxx Alessandra

  5. OMG are you related to my husband. He is constantly talking about how he is not happy with the cold weather. :) I have to agree though that having wintery weather when the weather should be summery is a bit cruel.

    The peony is so beautiful. I don't see many around my neck of the woods. I really love the English flowers. So beautiful.

    Have a great week. xxx

  6. Hi! thanks for vititing :) your dog is so cute! when they do that you wouldnt think they could be all scarey haha!

  7. I'm in love with your dads peony also so very pretty,

  8. gorgeous photos! the pooch really made me smile!!

    BH x

    (ps a few weeks back you asked where i got my turquiose polish; well Lippmann polishes are available from House of Fraser,sorry for late reply!)

  9. Oh I am so with you here - where on earth is the summer?! Just found your blog via Oyster & Pearl - lovely! x

  10. Hi Emma, lovely pics and cute doggy. Yes, Summer seems to have been and gone. All we've had is rain lately. In fact, it's raining as I write this, and I have to go out! Lots of love xxx

  11. Ahhhh I will let my Dad know that you all like his peony, he will be pleased :o) xxx

  12. Yes !!! I like it, too, the peony, it is wonderful ! But you can also tell your dog, that she has a new fan ;-) ... on this picture she looks really harmless and friendly !!


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