Royal Ascot Day 2 - Hat of the Day

I loved her Union Flag hat yesterday but oh my, today Jackie St Clair is wearing a lovely, lovely, blue and giant hat and I am in love with it.

I also think that this lady looks just wonderful and her hat is a blooming joy of peony-like goodness.

She would not look out of place gracing the pages of Ari Seth Cohen's super blog ADVANCED STYLE.  Congratulations on looking fabulous in pink lovely lady.

Source for both images.


  1. Oh my, those hats!!! People really go OTT, don't they? xx

    1. Hehee yes and I love it, seems no point in going unless you wear a GIANT hat :o) xx

  2. As Ted Mosby says about his boots on How I Met Your Mother: "totally pulling them off"! :)

  3. OH wow some hats!!!
    Can't say I like that shocking pink one at all!! the blue ...nice!!!

    Amanda :-)

  4. WOW, I really love those hats ... I think both ladies look fantastic. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us !! I adore these crazy hats ! Like big pompons :-)

  5. Blooming beautiful hats! I do love Ascot!
    Victoria xx


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