Royal Ascot starts in sunshine

The glamour, the style, the Queen, the glamour, champagne, strawberries, glamour and of course the hats...oh and not forgetting the horses, it must be Royal Ascot.

Now Blooming Towers has more of a claim on Royal Ascot than most given that we are located smack bang in the middle of the furore and furore is exactly the right word for it too.  Chaos reigns (as opposed to Queenie) for one full week in this sleepy royal corner of the country.


Oh heavens this is the week when those who can....leave!  I'm not kidding either, traffic all around comes to a standstill, coaches and Bentleys everywhere and you do see some astonishing sights.  In the evenings there are all manner of happenings on Ascot High Street....yep, the stories we could tell you, the things we have seen.

But my favourite bit, and the thing that makes it all worthwhile, is the fashion.  Especially this year because Ascot have clamped down on the dress code in an attempt to clean up the rowdy (and somewhat cheap) behaviour that has plagued Royal Ascot for the past few years and quite right too in my opinion.

No short skirts, no bare shoulders, straps no less then an inch wide, hats must be worn and famously no more fascinators in the Royal Enclosure, hurrah, hurrah for snooty old Ascot Racecourse.  This surely means that I'll be seeing much less orange and dimply flesh trotting past my window this year...phew.

So I've been watching all the outfits from the comfort of my sofa (you know, on the telly), and they really do look proper lovely this year.  Here is a selection of my favourite from today.

Lovely hat. Source

A dresscode assistant (in the blue) AKA The Fashion Police! Source
Lovely hats and ladies in red, white and blue. Source
I love her hat :o) Source
Soaking up the atmosphere...and the Bolly! These ladies have the right idea. Source

It's been such a nice day sunshine wise, lovely to see everyone out in their posh frocks, hope it lasts for the rest of the week.


  1. Wow!How fun to see all of this up close! The hats always make the news here!

  2. Some of my best ever days out have been at Royal Ascot! I can't remember much about them but I know they were good!

  3. Hello,
    Yep interesting post,I agree about the dress code too...
    I always used to love watching on TV,to see the fab hats and dresses!
    I have been catching up with your posts on here and must say,Tilly is wonderful, but awww' puppy with large paws' is just Gorgous!!
    Have a happy week,
    Maria x

    1. Thanks Maria, we think Tilly is wonderful too...that puppy though is causing havoc at my folks house..ha haa xx

  4. It looks and sounds like quite the event. Thanks for sharing the photo's. What great hats, so creative :)
    I hope the lovely weather will stay as well..here is hoping..fingers crossed.
    Magie x

    1. Well it's sunny again today so am hoping for lots more great outfits on display :o) x


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