pregnancy at 27 weeks

Well hello there.

This is me right now at 27 weeks pregnant.  Oh my gosh, it makes me go all wobbly inside just thinking about it, let alone writing to you about it on my blog!

With a little under three months to go until my due date there really is no disguising my bump anymore.  To be honest it's been more than obvious for a while now, I've just been in complete denial and squeezing myself into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe with gritted teeth and grim determination.

But that time is over.  I can't fit into anything except, typically, pretty much all of my summer dresses, which, as my fellow Brits will know, is sod's law given that it is cold and wet in Blighty this summer, it has been for ages and I had to put the heating (and socks) on again today!

So what to wear?  I'm not a fan of maternity clothes, I've never seen the point of spending loads of money on something that you can only wear for a very limited window of your life.  That being said I do have a couple of pairs of Dorothy Perkins maternity yoga pants that my not so unsubstantial butt can't bear to be parted from and I have a lovely navy striped maxi dress, also from Dotty P's excellent maternity range, that makes me feel GOOD and swishy and a little bit like a movie star!

My quest however has been to find clothes that are NOT maternity wear but will st...re...tch in a lovely fetching way and also be okay for wearing post-pregnancy.  And here is where Ebay is your friend, well it's my friend anyway, I got the Gap dress that I'm wearing here for 99p!!! Yes I said 99p, not even a whole one of the Queen's pounds.  Brilliant.

And I love it, its stretchy and soft and fits me perfectly and because its not 'maternity wear' I'll be able to wear it afterwards too.  Hurrah!  I've got loads more excellent non-maternity, maternity wear to show you and I also want to share with you some of my favourite pregnancy blogs, there are loads of hot mamas out there working the baby bump look with stylish aplomb.  I applaud you hot mamas.

To end this post, I thought I would share some things that have surprised me a bit about being pregnant....

  • I would like to paint my toenails but I can't quite reach without making incredibly unattractive grunting noises. 
  • I would like to eat a lot more food than usual but I can't quite fit it in, my stomach just says NO! 
  • I would like to get a full nights sleep in before baby Boo arrives but what with turning over in bed being a full-on logistical nightmare and my increasing need to pee, like, urgently...I've accepted that it won't be happening anytime soon.
  • My skin looks great though, really glowy and smooth and my hair and nails too, that's a bonus!

Right lovelies, I'm off to get some strawberries and ice cream now, well Mr P is off to get me some anyway - another bonus of being pregnant.


  1. Aah, looking lovely Emma! And loving the dress, what a fabulous bargain! Is this your 1st?
    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you Victoria, yes my first....gulp xx

  2. hooray for real life pregnancy posts with prettiness! i too am not a fan of maternity wear, it's just all so bland and all the same and not my usual style so like you I have been looking for regular items with a str...eeeetch! :) I did get a pair of maternity skinny jeans in H&M and they were well worth the €30... over the bump comfiness!

    That ebay find was a steal... I'm not too far behind you at 24 weeks and your bumb is nice and dainty looking. I agree with all on your list too... Although I have a ten year old, my Dolly, to do my toe nails so I'm not that bad off! Haze x

    1. Oh I wish I had a Dolly to come and do my nails....I'm going to try and attempt and through the legs maneuver today...wish me luck xx

  3. looking good....enjoy the next 3 months too! x

  4. You look lovely! I am currently 35 weeks, so I can really relate to this post :) Like you I didn't see the point in purchasing too many maternity clothing..they seem to charge at least double, if not triple for anything with maternity on it. I did purchase a few maternity leggings though, just for the comfort. Ebay is fab though isn't it..I have purchased some cheapish floaty or elasticated waist dresses off there recently, they do the trick (and like you say, one can wear them after pregnancy as well).
    I can relate on the lack of sleep..I am up 2-3 times at night making trip to the bathroom, it's a glamorous life :P haha
    Enjoy the Strawberries and Ice Cream :)
    Magie x

  5. Emma, you look great. Lovely dress too. There is something nice about having your own look when pregnant rather than the standard maternity wear.
    Strawberries and icecream...yum.


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