pregnancy at 29 weeks

Hello feet my old friends.  I can just about still see you :o)

How has your week been?  Mine has been tough.  I've been busy and all I've really wanted to do is sit on the sofa, watching Khloe and Lamar and eating Hula Hoops.

The baby is getting heavier and heavier and I just can't get comfortable anywhere.  I can feel my whole body slumping as the day goes on so that by evening time when I'm cooking dinner my back is aching and I'm a big old bag of grump!  Poor Mr P.

On the plus side though I love this dress and it's not even maternity...hurrah, hurrah.  It's from Dorothy Perkins and is just a bog standard stripey vest dress that I got one size bigger than usual and ta da....instant pregnancy stripey style (and more importantly...comfort!) sigh.

I went out yesterday with my Mum and for the first time I went a bit baby shopping crazy, I felt the world shrink around me as I zoned into this feverish buzz and, well, yeah, I admit it, I sort of went a bit doolally.

More of that another time but essentially we went out to buy a pram and we did manage to achieve that goal without getting too distracted.  We got one that comes with a baby car seat and a carrycot as well so we can interchange them (all very technical stuff and I'm sure I'm never going to get it), plus Mum ended up buying us our moses basket and stand too - we are well chuffed :o)

I've also been busy making my first ever roman blind - bit of an experience but I'm almost done after a few scratchy head moments (well, more than a few actually). I'm using this awesome fabric which just makes me swoon every time I see it. 

The blind is for the bathroom and if I'm successful (which I hope I will be) then I'm off to Ikea next week to buy some more fabric to make the blackout blind for the baby's room. Very exciting, Ikea do really great fabric and I have a tendency to hoard the stuff - which is not good.

What is good is that I'm still walking Tilly every day, although I'm not sure if she appreciates it so much.  She's a bit hufty with me at the moment and keeps following me around and just lurking.

I took this picture and only afterwards did I realise Tilly was lurking behind me making my crazy big ass look even bigger!!

what's that behind my ass?!
yeah, just lurking in the background, what's yer problem?

Hahaa, she is SO not impressed with me at the moment.  Do you think she knows there is change afoot?

I've also been packing up our kitchen ready for it's demolition next week - well I'm hoping I have one more week of kitchen as the builders haven't tiled the new roof yet - but we are getting ready for weeks of cooking in the dining room and washing up in the bath!  Ick!

So that was me at 29 weeks, not really putting my feet up at all and dashing round like a loon.  Today though is different.  Today is for sitting and writing and crocheting, I'm even getting my groceries delivered, how cool is that :o) 

I hope you all have a very lovely weekend.  For all Blighty dwellers, I'm not going to even mention the weather!!!


  1. Oh, come on! You're not fat! You look great and this dress is so cute!
    That fabric you're working on is great too, and I bet the final result will be to die for!
    Have a nice weekend and I hope you'll get to see some sun soon! ;)

  2. I liked your blog and I posted similar to yours....

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  3. Lovely post Emma, looking fab too! Loving the stripes!
    Victoria xx

  4. Hi Emma

    You look great and the dress is gorgeous on you.

    Lovely to read that you have started shopping for baby!

    The blind will be beautiful when it is finished.

    Hope you had a relaxing day as you planned.

    Take care of yourself and get lots of rest

    x Fiona

  5. You look lovely, and Tilly you are cute as well (of course!).
    That was great you were able to get some baby shopping done..I have bought mostly everything now that I think I will need (at least for the first bit), I just have to open up the boxes now etc. I think the only thing left is I need (want) to get a baby bouncer..most likely this weekend.
    I think I was around 29 weeks when we were getting our kitchen done as well..it was a lot of take away food dinners there for a few days (no stove or oven). I hope the kitchen work goes smoothly for you :)
    Take it easy and enjoy the crocheting!!
    Magie x

  6. love your stripy dress and your figure! I miss a lot that times.....sigh!!!
    Take care< xxxx Alessandra

  7. Hello, just found your lovely blog - the roman blind fabric is beautiful - do you mind me asking where its from? I made a few roman blinds for our new house last year - it did take a bit of working out! Congratulations on your pregnancy ... what a neat little bump! :-) Bee x

    1. Hi Bee, the roman blind fabric was from Fancy Moon (I think)....so pretty isn't it...swoon, swoon...xx

  8. awh Emma what a lovely bump! I love stripey dresses too and picked up a few in H&M, just the one size bigger which is great as maternity wear seems to be too "big" for me!! Hooray for stre....tchy dresses! At 26 weeks, I'm not too far behind you but I am also nesting... I love the fabric- I can't believe it's Ikea! I wonder have you started on your nursery yet?

  9. Emma, you looks so lovely in this striped dress :o)
    Happy and sunny Sunday to you

  10. Emma, what a tidy and lovely bump. You look really great. Excellent non-maternity dress too :)
    The blind is going to be so cute. I hope you post a picture of it when it's finished.

  11. I love that fabric! And yep I totally agree Ikea fabrics are so yummy I could take a metre of all of them! Thanks so much for facebooking tweeting about my giveaway and following me! i'm off to click follow right now x

  12. Hi, you have an exciting adventure before you, having children will be the most fantastic thing you will do! Live in the moment with them, never say "I can't wait until they can......" you will blink and they will have grown up don't miss a second! I wish you all the best and put your feet up when you get a chance! Ada :)

  13. Oh my, what a lovely bump. The dress is smashing and the whimsical fabric makes me smile. First time to your blog. What a time of anticipation. Soon, construction will end; baby will come; and a whole new chapter begins!

  14. i love your dress so much i might go out and copy you, i hope you don't mind.

    and that fabric is gorgeous! makes me thinking i should probably use my sewing machine to make something, maybe even for my nursery, but i am scared and don't know where to begin, maybe i will just go shopping instead ;)

  15. I think Tilly is at least partly made of spaghetti. All her limbs flopping everywhere like that, it's the only explanation.

    1. Haha...she sure is, either that or pipe cleaners...all legs like a big spider :o) Hope you are doing good, lots of love xxx

  16. You look absolutely wonderful and I love your window fabric. I must say I'm jealous of your proximity to Ikea though! :) I'm always drooling over their goods, but the nearest one to us is over a four hours drive away so we've never been.

    Also, I feel you on the weight. It's so strange to feel the baby getting heavier and heavier and all that brings with it.


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