pregnancy at 31 weeks

31 weeks pregnant feels large.

There you go, should just end this blog post now because that is all I have to say on the matter.  I am large, I feel large, I look large.

Mr P thinks it's quite amusing because from the back I don't look terribly big but as I turn round it becomes eye-wateringly evident that I am with child.  Ha, with child is my fave preggers expression of all, makes me feel like I'm a character in a Jane Austen novel.  You should also note that up the duff makes me smirk a bit too!

Everything is going swimmingly.  I still feel good albeit a little uncomfortable, I keep misjudging the size of my belly and knocking into door frames and it hurts, done it twice now so must make a note to myself "belly is huge, watch out"!   Still out and about though, walking Tilly and lunching with pals, quite glad I'm not working though, don't think I could cope with doing a full day's actual, real-life work!

I am however working on the last essay I need to write to complete my degree (jut an exam to go and then I'm done) and also hooking like a mad thing to finish the baby blanket in plenty of time so there's not too much slacking in the Bloom household.

I had my iron levels checked mid-month and they came back okay which was a bit of surprise.  I thought that being vegetarian might make them a bit low but I've been taking an iron supplement (which tastes hideous!) so that must be working.

The other good news is that I can still fit into some of my normal clothes, I was particularly pleased to be able to fit (just) into this French Connection maxi dress!

I think it fits because it's empire line and the underboob tie kind of makes it look like it actually is a maternity dress (seperating the boob from the belly is always a good move in my humble opinion).    I was pleased as punch wearing it though, I swished about like I was again in that Jane Austen novel (oh Mr Darcy), sensing a theme, maybe it's something to do with my name!

I also got to wear my favourite summer sandals.  Sandal wearing and getting one's toes out in the fresh air has been a bit of a rarity this summer so I jumped at the chance to get these bad boys of bling on my feet.  I love them, I love them....Yahoo!

Right I have to get going and take Tilly out before the Olympic gymastics starts.  I love it although it makes me all emotional but then everything makes me all emotional at the moment, I have cried listening to the radio, adverts on the telly, the opening ceremony and virtually every Olympic event that I've watched.

Have a great week (pregnant, weepy or otherwise).



  1. Hi Emma ... you are not large .. you have a neat tidy little bump ... I carried all three of my little ones like you ... no evidence of a pregnancy from the back but I endured quite a few rapid intakes of breath when I turned round in the company of someone who didn't know I was pregnant :) You should enjoy your time off now until the little one arrives ... and get some rest! Bee x

  2. one day I'll show you how my belly was with the last pregnancy...I have a good one while wearing a bikini....So you'll see a real big big bump!!!! yours is so cute!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. Hi Emma

    You look lovely
    and your bump is lovely.

    Enjoy your pregnancy and once you are healthy
    is't that the main thing.

    When I was pregnant with my first (girl)
    I was like a mountain
    the bump seemed to start at my chin.

    With the 2 boys I was so teeny
    that at a funeral 3 weeks before my son was
    born everyone kept asking me when I was
    going to think about adding to the family
    the bump was practically invisable!

    You look great
    your drsss is great
    love those sandals
    and you will be a great mum.


  4. You look amazing!


  5. Emma you look amazing & beautiful. I hated being pregnant :-( sounds like your having a wonderful pregnancy though.

    Good look with your assignment and exam hope it's not a long one! I sat my international marketing exam when 7 month pregnant and it was a 3 hour exam I have to say I wa a little uncomfortable but the examiners gave me a nice cosy office and a comfy chair :-) good luck I'm sure you will fly through it.

  6. Hello Emma!
    Your posts are always amusing! :)
    Dress, sandals and future blanket look amazing!
    Good luck with the essay!
    Have a nice day!

  7. I agree with all the other comments, you look just lovely! I have had to go up a dress size or two at the moment to fit over my baby bump (I have to be quite creative with my wardrobe :P).
    I just adore the baby blanket you are making..love the colour choices. I have just ordered my first crochet needle and wool..going to attempt to learn (plan on doing perhaps a small sized blanket..will see how it goes).
    Take care x


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