springtime throw update

Betcha thought I'd given up on this one..huh? Yeah. Me too.

I'd decided ages ago that I wasn't going to go full size with it (which I think is 432 squares...odd number and completely massive!), because once I found out I was up the duff, it seemed to be perfect baby blanket material.  Plus the Rooster Almerino yarn used is so pretty, soft and lovely, it seemed a shame not to use it for the baby...although I do doubt it will be puke, poo or pee proof!!

So about a month and a half ago I laid them all out and there just wasn't enough, I think I had 240 squares at that point and I couldn't get them to look right.  My calculations for a perfect size ended up meaning I needed to be 15 squares wide by 20 squares long...which meant (and this deflated me somewhat) I needed to do another 60 squares. Waaaaaaaa! Why me! It's not fair!!

Tantrum over I got to work on the remaining 60 squares and have really been putting in the work on them, completely ignoring other (more interesting) projects and doing my best to focus, focus, focus.

And then I got there.  Finished on Sunday afternoon whilst watching the Grand Prix, a whole box of pretty crochet squares.  I felt quite elated and a bit dizzy especially when we worked out that each square required six ends to be sewn in so for 300 squares that's 1,800 ends hand sewn in by moi.  Cor blummin blimey guvnor flippin heckers like!!

So now the task of joining is before me.  I started last night, took ages laying them all out in the order I fancied.  Started off all careful and proper; first red, then yellow, then green etc etc.... and by the end was just whamming them down in any old order and not caring if two of the same colours were next to each other.   The patience of a saint, always been one of my better qualities :o)

Once the laying out was done I started to crochet the first two rows together.  It isn't the easiest of things to do, a bit fiddly and I'm convinced I'm doing it wrong.  But...but...but....the end is in sight and it will all be worth it to see the finished blanket, especially when you consider that I started it in December!!

Stay tuned, the big reveal is surely not too far away now.

ps. the builders ripped the kitchen out yesterday! I'm trying to be nonchalant about it, got my not bothered face on and everything but inside I am screaming!!!


  1. Wow Emma, it's going to look absolutely gorgeous when it's finished! You really must have the patience of a saint - I think I would have given up ages ago, haha!
    Victoria xx

  2. Wow, that's a lot of squares! First of all, congrats on your wedding, how exciting! I hope you'll both be very happy. I didn't realise you were preggers, I saw the photo and thought hmm, she's either eaten a lot of cake or there's a little person in there. Looking forward so much to seeing him/her. The blanket is going to be beautiful, well done for sticking with it. I tend to get bored very easily and want to start something else. Lots of love xxx

  3. Beautiful work! You are very talented.

  4. Whamming them down in any order! That's me too. When I've got to that part I start off all good, even taking photos on my phone of how I want the squares and when it's done it never ends up how I laid it out. Anyway, well flipping done! I bought that book purposely to make that blanket and then when I saw how many squares there were to make I thought it would be too boring and bottled out.
    Looking forward to seeing the final article, mrs!

  5. Gosh Emma - this is beeeauuutifulllll!!! Love the colours - it is so mellow and pretty! You must be pleased as punch to get this far - you're definitely on the home straight now .... can't wait to see the finished article! Bee xx

  6. Wow! That is gorgeous! Did you at any stage throw all the squares up in the air and let them rain down on you like confetti and giggle like a little kid??? ;) or would that just be me... heehee!

  7. Hi dear friend, Your squares seem so beautiful. I like their colors so so much. you are making so hard work you know.. But your throw will be amazing..:))
    All best wishes...:))

  8. lovely lovely squares, I don't envy the sewing up though, looking forward to seeing the finished blanket :)

  9. So pretty your little one will love it and snuggle up with it for years.

  10. OMG!! What a whopping amount of square delights!!! You are so brave! I am sure it will be a wonderful blanket. Can't wait to see when you finish it. xx

  11. Wow!!!! The colors are beautiful and your work is gorgeous... That's one lucky baby! Can't wait to see the finished product:)
    aly xx

  12. Your squares look gorgeous, Emma! You're so talented lady! Such a beautiful color combination. You clever thing!

  13. What a lot of work you have done
    it is beautiful

    Well done to you



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