sunburst crochet baby mobile

The sunburst crochet thingys now have a purpose in life!  Huzzah!

They have been turned into a pretty baby mobile, and lord knows we are going to be needing one of them soon :o)

Do you like it?

I used the same Linda Permann Little Crochet pattern for making up the mobile that I used for the Crochet Birdie Mobile and this time I added some cute little yo-yos that I saw on Baban Cat's lovely blog (and had to immediately make), to decorate the top.

These little yo-yo additions do finish it off nicely but ever so slightly puts the mobile off balance. I do need to figure out how to rectify that, maybe I could just add more, in different colours, to the other side.

Thank you for all your suggestions, you are a creative and crafty lot aren't you??

I'm definitely going to be using this sunny sunburst pattern to make a cushion cover or two, it's just so pretty and would look lovely with a white or cream granny square border, don't you think?

I also like the very simple but very effective pin cushion idea - might need to over-stuff them a bit more or find a harder stuffing material to make them a bit stiffer for that purpose though!

The baby mobile is now hanging around and waiting for the nursery to be started finished, really need to pull my socks up on that one but pram shopping with my Mum this week so slowly starting to panic get sorted.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, looking forward to catching up with your blogs this morning.


  1. I love it Emma, and I'm sure baby will too!! Might have to make one for my sister :)
    Victoria xx

  2. Emma you're so talented!
    Don't panic, everything is going to work out fine!
    Have a great week and have fun shopping! ;)

  3. Hello Emma,
    Brilliant idea and it looks wonderful.
    What hoop did you use?

    Amanda :-)

  4. It looks so petty, great idea :)

  5. What a smashing idea! It looks lovely.

  6. aww that mobile is so cute & colourful :)

  7. It's lovely your baby will love looking at all those pretty colours.

  8. I think it makes a lovely baby mobile..what a great idea!

    I can relate, I also have to start to tackle getting the little arrivals room ready. I still have boxes of things to open up, check and put in place, and decorate. My hubby just finished the painting of the walls, so we are slowly getting there (though not much time left!).

    Good luck with the pram shopping! I have bought mine (though it's still in the box..will have to open it up the next few days).

    Magie x

  9. Emma, I just left a comment on your earlier post .. didn't realise you had already created this lovely mobile ... dopey me!! Bee :) xx


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