sunburst crochet thingys

I made these thingys.

And now I'm not quite sure what to do with them.

Might just sit and look at them for a bit.

Which won't be a terrible thing to do 'cause they sure are pretty.

Yes, I'll sit and look at them and wait for some inspiration.  Any recommendations would be welcomed though, don't make me sit and look at them all by myself.


  1. I love you crochet thingy's I think they are very pretty. You could put them in a pretty bowl and have them as a centrepiece and then gaze at them till your hearts content, they could be used as pincushions gifts for friends if you could bear to part with them :)

  2. Ps love your blog, you have a new follower :)

  3. Oh they are beautiful!!

    If I had them I would be so happy looking at them and taking pleasure in the fact that I created them (but that would never happen as I'm not very creative)!!

    Put them in a little wicker basket on your table.

    Have a lovely day.

    We have a blue sky this morning in Ireland so happy days
    it is due to rain later but
    at least it is a nice start to the morning!!!

    Fiona x

  4. Ooh they are lovely Emma! Such gorgeous colours, how about little pin cushions or you could string them up and make a mobile out of them to look at all the time :)
    Victoria xx

  5. I have a thing for decorative couch pillows (or are they called cushions?), so I would buy the cheap ones they sell in IKEA in various colors, and I would sew your amazing creations on them. One in the bottom or upper corner, someting like this.
    Have a great Wdnesday! ;)

    1. Or maybe one in the center of each square pillow! (Excuse the typos above.)

  6. Well they look like pin cushions but you probably thought of that already. How about making some more and make some padded bunting from them? Or just make a length of chain or find some ribbon and tie them onto door handles or bed knobs and stuff? Bag jewellery? They're very nice indeed whatever you do with them!
    Happy day!

  7. Pin cushions are a good idea, or sewing them onto cushions would be nice. They're very pretty, even if you don't know what to do with them! xxx

  8. These are soooo very pretty...one day I will learn to make these lovely little joys. Love your blog. xoxox

  9. I am looking at them and I love them....wonderful blobs of colour...do two more and put them in a shallow wide basket or ceramic dish and place them in a corner,on a coffee table or by the fireplace.....they'll lighten up a room. My first thought but might think of another tomorrow.

    Amanda :-)

  10. Such lovely colours, can you add the to a cushion?

  11. Gorgeous!! I was thinking they'd make a good mobile, but I see that someone already suggested it. You're very talented. :)

  12. Hi Emma - thanks for dropping by to say hello! You have the most beautiful blog, I'm going to have come back to read through all your posts! And Tilly - how gorgeous is she? Aren't dogs the best? (and orange cats too)
    Take care - Siobhan xo

  13. Those are just lovely..I like the cushion idea, I think they would look really pretty. Whatever you end up doing, do share..would love to see :)
    Magie x

  14. They are really lovely. I know it is well too early to talk about it, but what about Christmas tree decorations? ;)

  15. hello, lovely blog! i was also going to suggest tree decorations, i made loads last year and they looked super. or i would sew them together and make seat pads for outside (if we get a summer that is!)
    nikki xo

  16. OH! They are darling! I love the bright and cheery colors! I should like them on a pillow or even on a nice, slouchy bag!!!

  17. Pretty things :D I think I'd make bunting with them :D

  18. Very cute ... could they be incorporated into a toy for the bubba when they're a little older ... they would be lovely, tactile and soft :) Bee x


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