treasury tuesday - the pastel edit

I personally think that July should be all about pastel colours.  It's summertime, it's supposed to be hot (not if you live in England like me though), and pastels always seem to cool and refresh the eye.

Here is my bliss in a treasury list.

Pastel Picnic Set Divided Pl...
1950's Vintage Dress - P...
Candy Buttons 100 Pastel Pep...
Necklace Garland Pastel. Bea...
Mint Green Pastel - La Vie E...
RARE Vintage Pastel Owl Hang...
Pastel Lake clutch
Vintage camera photo, pink c...
Pastel Striped Dress with Ra...
Pastel Yellow Sandpiper Mini...
Mint Pastel Green 1" Be...
ABC Print Cards, Pastel, Set...
Pastel multi color earring
i heart tea - 8x8 vintage te...
Pretty Pastels Hair Ties: se...
5 pcs - Pastel Puffy Marshma...


  1. I totally agree..summer = pastel colours :) They seem to just brighten up a place (despite the rain).
    I just adore the pastel picnic set and those owl lights are just adorable!
    I love it all...
    Have a lovely pastel filled day today :)
    Magie x

  2. The dresses and the earrings! I'd love to wear them and go out for a cocktail. Pastel colors are so much easier on they eye than all the fluorescent fuschias and yellows that seem to go around this year. You go out for drinks and it's like you're on a construction site.
    Your selections of things are always super cute!

  3. great choice wish we could have some sun to go with it!

  4. Such lovely colours. I do wish summer would appear and this rain wud do one!

  5. Such pretty colour's it reminds me of summer time.

  6. Loving the pastel colours! Let's hope the sun appears soon!

  7. It has to be pastels! Those earrings are gorgeous!

  8. Love your list, Emma! All items look gorgeous :o)

  9. I love pastels too!

    Love the collection you posted, so pretty!



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