crocheted cotton wash cloths

New favourite thing.

The cluster stitch.

Used it to make these bad boys.

I love the crazy, yarn eating stitch and I really love the Rowan handknit cotton used to make them.

This is another little project from Nicki Trench (oh my gosh but I do love her!), I have to say though that on this occasion the pattern was a bit lacking.

Basically the original pattern is wrong, it doesn't make sense...confused me greatly and led to much head scratching and frustrated pouting (more pouting than anything to be honest)!

I resorted to raiding the Ravelry vault and found someone who also figured the pattern was wrong but this someone had the smarts to know how to fix it, et voila!!! Wash cloths that are kinda from Nicki Trench but not really cos she got her pattern wrong and so this is all down to clever lalongley on Ravelry....thank you lovely lalongley!

So these are also for the baby, yes I'm actually going to use them to clean sticky baby faces and smelly baby bums and not just sit and stare at them like I do with most of my other crochet creations.  Huzzah!

The cluster stitch is dead easy.  Here is how you do it.

Yarn over and into your stitch. Yarn over and pull through (make it quite loose otherwise you won't get your hook through at the end)!

Yarn over and into the same stitch, yarn over and pull through.

Yarn over and into the same stitch again, yarn over and pull through.

Then you yarn over and pull through all seven stitches on your hook.

Easy Peasy!!

If I can do it then so can you so give it a try and make some pretty cotton wash cloths for all your friends and family (well the grubby ones at least are sure to appreciate them)!

note: I just googled cluster stitch and it would seem that there are loads of ways to do them, so this is just the way that I did it for these wash cloths...don't want to confuse anyone.


  1. Gosh I see what you mean about yarn-eating stitches, wow they really did turn out lovely though, such texture and lovely colours. I've never tried this stitch before, must bear it in mind - Yvonne xx

  2. Oh they look lovely Emma! Love Nicki Trench too! Your yarn looks lush.
    Victoria xx

  3. What a lovely, thick material this stitch makes. I'm off to practice it. I love the colours and the yarn by the way :D

  4. I really like the stitch, I have my beady eye on a cardigan using this stitch. Nice idea for the baby, we use reusable wipes for faces and bottoms too, but not as pretty as these.

  5. Great job Emma! I always like the colors you choose and I admire your patience.

    Have a happy Friday! ;)

  6. I have that crochet book and I tried that stitch and failed miserably. Now I know it is wrong. thank you thank you thank you. I thought I was some kind of whacka.
    Your cloths are beautiful. It is such a pretty stitch. Your baby is going to be very lucky.

  7. Hi i'm nominating you for a award tomorrow.

  8. Very pretty..I like the wool colours :) I just bought some wool the other week and my first crochet hook, I am hoping to try and make something soon (may attempt crochet bunting first). I will keep this project in mind though as well..thanks for sharing :)
    Magie x

  9. your wash clothes are really nice!! Lucky baby!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  10. You are such a telent! I have not been crocheting for years and do not know whether i would manage! Lovely blog! Thanks for signing in my blog as follower and therefore participating in my giveaway! Looking forward to more posts from you! I am adding you on my lovely blog list! xxx Christa

  11. Very good stitch and with the Rowan cotton, the cloth looks so soft and lush! One lucky baby's bottom will be having it :)


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