pregnancy at 34 weeks

I have taken to wearing black.

I think this is a good move and my pregnancy addled brain thinks it makes me look less like a weeble and more like a svelte Russian supermodel.  Yep.

I am feeling..., how shall I put it without using a swear word?...chuffing massive!

I have developed the waddle and it is mostly amusing, but not when I want/need to get somewhere fast such as the loo.  No, then it is most definitely NOT amusing!

This big, uncomfortable stage of pregnancy has kind of crept up on me, instead of cute little kicks and flutters coming from my bump, it now feels like the actual alien from Alien is living inside me.  Or as another of my favourite pregnancy bloggers puts it - it feels like I'm gestating a pissed off housecat rather than a chubby wittle baby!!

Stealthy leg swipes, acute headbutting and full-on bladder presses are occurring, inside me, right now. It is the strangest most wonderful feeling in the world and I feel very, very privileged to be on the receiving end.

I visited the midwife yesterday and she told me that I need to start thinking about my birth plan...yikes.  Apart from writing down "give me ALL the drugs, lots of them and NOW....BITCHES!!!" I'm not sure what else to write.

Me and my girl wearing matching pink :o) Top: Boden

I'm pleased to say that whilst massive, I still managed to get into more non-maternity clothes yesterday.  This top from Boden was ordered yonks ago but was on a delay and when it arrived last week and slipped over my belly I actually squealed like a pig!  The little things.

Also yesterday I was approached by a lovely lady called Lauren who is doing a television programme for Sky called Becoming Mum and Dad about first time parents.  She wanted to know if me and Mr P wanted to be on the telly.  How cool is that!

Now we love reality telly as much as the next person, I mean I actually couldn't live without Ice Road Truckers, but being on the telly....NO WAY MAN, nuh uh, not on your nelly!!

That is definitely someone else's dream and if it is your dream and you are having a baby for the first time between August and November this year then email Lauren, she would love to hear from you.  And when you are rich and famous and living like a Kardashian, make sure you remember little old blooming me :o)


  1. the last pic is beautiful!!!
    just few hours and you'll be a mum.....how sweet is that.....
    big hug, be calm, xxxx Alessandra

  2. Yup love the black look, never did a birth plan, i guess in your head you know what you would like but not sure nature always palys along. Think I was just relieved and excited and exhausted when the birth was over.

  3. Not long to go now, you look lovely. I just looked like a heffalump at 34 weeks and felt like one too. As for a birth plan just go with it what else can you do. I wanted a water birth but when it was time I didn't want to leave the bed so my plans went out of the window. When you look at your beautiful baby it wont matter as long as they are safe. Sarah x

  4. Looking lovely Emma! Loving those statement necklaces. I never bothered with a birth plan either, didn't see the point, what will happen will happen, regardless of what you write down. Will have a jug of pimms waiting for you after the birth :D

    Victoria xx

  5. Hi Emma, will read your post later, this is just a flying visit to let you know I have nominated you for an award! Yvonne xx

  6. Beautiful and funny as always! I love your pregnancy posts! :)

  7. I adopted the what will be, will be approach, no danger of disappointment if the birth plan doesn't work out ... best advice I have, just relax ... the alien type movements made me laugh .. I remember seeing little hands and feet traversing across my mountain of a bump ... very surreal ... good news ... the bigger the bubba gets the less jumping around it will do ... Bee xx

  8. Ah Emma your bump is just so neat and cute! Bet you can't wait, I hope you won't be taking a break from blogging when the little one comes along!

  9. Fabulous post .....you made me laugh out loud ..... and several times, you are a brilliant writer.
    you look beautiful and certainly blooming, being preggie is so exciting.
    thanks for your lovely comment and sorry the bee freaked you out, its just a good job you weren't 39 weeks!
    love jooles x

  10. You look just lovely!
    Great post..I definatly felt the same at that stage of my pregnancy as well.
    This part made me laugh, I sure should of put this on my birth plan as well 'give me ALL the drugs, lots of them and NOW....BITCHES!!!'..most of what I put down went flying straight out the window (3 days of labour and all I could think of was 'where is the epidural!' :P..it's all worth it in the end though :) ).
    Hugs x


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