pregnancy at 35 weeks

Belly's gonna getcha.

Yep, belly's got me good and proper, it chased me (to Benny Hill music of course!) and finally claimed it's prize!

Thing is, people keep telling me that it's small!!!  SMALL?  Are they looking at the same mid-section as me?  Gah!

dress: Gap maternity from eBay for a fiver!! belt and jacket: Topshop, clogs: Lotta from Stockholm

I seem to do these posts one week behind as I'm actually 36 weeks today, which is super scary because it means that I could go into labour at any point!! At. Any. Point.

I hope it doesn't happen this week because:

a. our baby is on the small side (not that you could tell), and needs to put on loads more weight.  This is good because I like big chunky babies with scrumptious chubby thighs, chances are I won't be saying that when I have to push said chunkster out though!

b. we have no baby stuff, it's all being delivered next week..and when I say all, I mean ALL....pram, moses basket, cot, car seat, baby bag, steriliser and a vast array of other stuff whose purpose in life is a total mystery to me.

c. the kitchen is being fitted all week so we are still living off chips, toast and cheese - my body has actually forgotten what vegetables taste like and I'm craving carrots like a ravenous bunny.  On reflection, I'm wondering if I'm missing a trick here, surely hospital food would be one step up? They provide vegetables in hospital, right?

d. I would rather have a September baby than an August baby - I don't know why, apart from the school thing, maybe it's the change of season that makes September such a good month, makes me happy!

Now then, what you're witnessing here is me effectively ensuring that baby Boo does indeed come this week!  I shall shut my trap before the people at the law firm of Sod get wind of it!

I am in love with my clogs from Lotta from Stockholm, they are nice people who sell clogs but you have to get a pair to be in the gang :o)

We have an extra scan on Friday because the baby was in the breech position at the last one.  I hope that isn't the case anymore because they offer you this turning thingy....which sounds repulsive and requires the baby to be manipulated round into the head down position via the medium of, well, pushing hard on my belly to force (FORCE!) the baby around and down.

I'm thinking this may not be for me.  Although the alternative is to be booked in for a caesarean and I'm not that keen on that idea either!

Right I have to go and survey my manor i.e. go and see what's happening with the kitchen and pester the builders to go faster, I'm not entirely sure that this works but I am a desperate lady right now!

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ps. I wore ankle boots for the first time today in ages and I had terrible trouble getting them on and off due to size of belly, might stick to clogs for a bit longer!


  1. Hi Emma!

    Well you look great and sound in good form.

    Don't worry about the size of baby
    one of mine was 4lb 3 and is now 6ft and a big muscular guy!

    Love the clogs they are gorgeous.

    Best of luck with the kitchen.

    Take care of yourself

    Fiona x

  2. It's getting exciting now, not long to go. Best wishes if it comes early and I hope it gets ready I.e turns around in time. Sarah x

  3. Emma!
    Funny as always! Can I say your way of writing reminds me of Marian Keyes? You should start writing a book!

    I'm not sure if you've heard of La Redoute, it's a French clothes catalogue; well, you could be a model for pregnancy clothes in there!

    You should do the EASY Tuesday blog hop, I bet your post would be enjoyable from beginning to end.

    Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

    1. Evi, you are my new best friend...you'd have me be a writer and a model in the blink of an eye :o) and I love it, made me smile..lots of love xxx

  4. Hi Emma! I found your blog through lovely Fiona from Raindrops and Daisies, & just to add my ha'penny worth (after 3 kids!) don't worry about baby being breech till way nearer your due date: a/ babies still jiggle around a lot & can easily move themselves into position & b/there are plenty of things you can do yourself to encourage him/her to move round - have a look online: one I remember from my second pregnancy (she was still breech at 38 weeks & didn't arrive till TWO & A HALF WEEKS after due date!! One cross mama!) was walking downstairs on your hands - sounds nutty I know, but it worked for me!!

    Have fun! All the best, Chloe x

    1. Hi Chloe and lovely to meet you from Fiona's blog :o) How on earth do I walk downstairs on my hands?? I've been picturing all sorts of images in my head (especially with big preggo belly it is very funny)...two and a half weeks after due date is pretty scary stuff, I'm pretending I didn't read that bit ;)

  5. You look great and I also love your clogs! My baby was breech for a while and I did a bunch of natural things to make him flip - he did flip so either I got lucky or one of them worked but I'm not sure which one! I did Accupuncture and went to a chiropractor, I also spent a fair amount of time on my hands and knees with my pelvis elevated, played music towards the bottom of my belly, and put cold packs of the top! Silly stuff but he did flip :) Good luck!

    xo Lilly

  6. Oh Emma ... love your clogs ... are they comfy? You look great and keep on at those builders ... you have a pretty good excuse for needing prompt completion of your new kitchen ... I was preggers with my third, my little fairy, mid flow the building of our house ... I was a pretty sight waddling around among bags of cement and wood shavings ... Bee xx

    PS None of my three were breech but I did use a birthing ball (big pilates ball from argos) in the last few weeks ... it is supposed to help the bambino into a good position for birth and is really relaxing if you are suffering from back pain ... hope this helps ... xxx

  7. Oh the best part is nearly here,

  8. You know, my kids are both born with the caesarean!! I was happy with this solution because it has been a quick one!!!
    Relax and enjoy the moment, xxx Alessandra

  9. Ohhh I have those clogs in red but open toes they are the most comfy things I barely take them off!
    Hoping to get a winter version too!
    Enjoy these weeks now, life will soon never be the same.

  10. Thank you for all the advice ladies, brilliant stuff. I will tell you that I am getting on my hands and knees with my pelvis (aka bum) in the air at least once a day as recommended by Mama Smith and I have got an exercise ball as recommended by Bee, and it really does make my back feel better when I sit on it so I've been sitting on it rather a lot....fingers crossed it all works out, not long now xx

  11. Not long to go at all till the little one arrives..how exciting!
    I was told the same as you to try and get on my hands and knee's..or to try and sit leaning forwards against the back of a kitchen chair..to help move the little one around. She wasn't breech, but they wanted to get her in the best position..she did move but in the last week she moved back..so I ended up having an assisted birth in the end (which went just fine).
    Take care x


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