pretty crochet Peter Pan collars

Hello gorgeous thing.

I like you.

You make me think of ivory gowned Georgian ladies wafting around Hyde Park with parasols and dainty, lacy gloves. Oh my. 

I found this pattern over at Shara Lambeth's blog, and a very nice pattern it is too huh?!? Very clean and simple and most importantly, very easy.

I had some of the lovely Rooster yarn left over from my Springtime Throw in cream (which I personally think is the best colour for a collar), so I thought what the heck, I'm gonna make me a Peter Pan collar.

source: ASOS

I've seen them everywhere recently, have you?

Are you liking the look, embracing the trend, jumping on the bandwagon??  I am.  I think they are ace little accessories and look just as lovely on grown up ladies as they do on little cute gals.

You can get pearl ones, beaded ones, pretty fabric patterned ones and of course the best type of collar of all are the crocheted ones aren't they?  Well I think so anyway...but then I would!!

I started to have a nosey around Etsy and found so many different patterns and styles of collar, my preference is for the vintage and girly look and found this pattern which is quite lovely too but a bit trickier to make.  This time I used the Rooster grape colour. Pretty huh?

I like them both but I think I prefer the simple cream one for wearability and simplicity.  The design of the purple one would suit cute little gals better perhaps, I'm going to make a smaller version, and I did put it on Tilly but she seriously was NOT impressed.  It looked brilliant though, like having a dog straight out of Blackadder II...ACE!

I'm going to carry on making lots of these lovely collars, I have found some awesome vintage patterns online that are really quite groovy and maybe I can have a play about and create something of my own....oh WOW, now that would be cool.

In case you need more convincing about dressing in the manner of a children's literary character, look at this loverly dress from Dorothy Perkins...oh yum, I like the colour!

Source: Dorothy Perkins

And this proper posh (by that I mean dead expensive) silk top from French Connection...

Source: French Connection
 And finally this monochrome dress from Topshop...what a pretty, pretty lace collar.

Source: Topshop


  1. My grandma used to make these collars and when I was a kid my mum urged me to wear them at school, which I did once or twice. The only people impressed were the (female) teachers. I love that they're back in fashion and I think I'll ask my mum to dig those old ones out!

    Also, I'm crazy about the black Topshop dress!!

    Nice post Emma! :)

  2. These are sooo cute. Perhaps I'll have to make me one too xxx

  3. Very sweet- I actually love the purple one. So pretty!

  4. Love your peter pan collars .. forever young and all that :) ... the purple one is very pretty ... Bee xx

  5. I love these too, but I ready don't have anything to wear with them? I really want to make one though they are so pretty. My favourite is the grape one.

  6. They're lovely Emma, pretty and practical ... just changing the collar could give you a whole new look.

    I have some Victorian knitting patterns for collars, I must look them out.

  7. They are all so pretty, I just adore peter pan collars, I think they are so lovely on. I really like the cream crochet one you made :)
    Magie x


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