I admit it.  I'm sulking.

And I've been sulking for a while now. I can't seem to shake it.

I'm trying not to give myself too much of a hard time about being in a moody because our current set of circumstances are entirely unique and never, never, never in a million years would we have ever expected to be sitting here in this situation.

I'm seven and a half months pregnant.  We haven't had a kitchen for almost three weeks.  We, or more importantly Tilly, has no access to our garden.  The house is full of builders and covered in mud and dust and Mr P has only gone all jet-set and is working in New York this week.  I am on my own.

Big fat bummer, huge massive sulk.

I know I'm an adult and I should know better but it's all just got to me this week and I can't help it.

I also know I have no right to sulk, I'm a very lucky lady and I have so much wonderful, wonderful stuff in my life but sometimes, just sometimes, the pull to give in to behaving like a child ("its not fair"!!!) feels too strong to resist.

I know I'll feel better tomorrow.  I'm sure I will.

I apologise for breaking the "positive blogging" rules but I have to say it's been hugely cathartic to write this post and I do feel slightly better for it, plus I'm having chips for my dinner and that's got to be the best cure for a sulk, ever.


  1. Poor you! It must be horrible not to have a proper kitchen. And your husband away! And being heavily pregnant! You have every right to sulk. Blogs don't have to be positive all the time. We're your friends and are here for you in good times and bad, especially the bad because that's when you need us most. Hope things get better soon. I think you should have some chocolate as well as chips. Lots of love xxx

  2. If anyone has a right to sulk, I would say you top the list. To have no kitchen, builders everywhere, an absent husband and 7-1/2 months pregnant on top of all that is reason enough to sulk. Enjoy it and tomorrow will look better.

  3. oh dear it seems like you have every right to be down in the dumps! :( But it will all be worth it in the end right?! And 71/2 months! not long now!

  4. Oooh..."chips"...Enjoy your dinner! I really, really miss potatoes...they are too expensive over here, so if we have any at all, it's likely to be of the flaked variety. Some days, though, I would kill for some fries...covered with chili & cheese...(yes, I know, it's ridiculously American. What's worse is, my craving for deep-fried pickles...)

  5. Emma, you have every right to be sulky! Sure it will pass soon enough then you will be feeling happy as larry! I think you deserve to have some cheese on top of these chips! Hope you feeling better now. Yvonne xx

  6. Ah thanks lovely ladies, you are all so right about it passing and that I should be having chocolate and cheese too....that is exactly what I did...cheesy chip butty followed by a huge amount of Fruit and Nut...oh heaven. And yes, I do feel better today. Hurrah!!! xxxx

  7. Oh I'm so sorry, I think given the circumstances I wouldn't just be sulking, I'd been breaking down in tears! Hope you get your kitchen back soon. I went for 3 weeks without one last year too while Stu was builting a new one, so I know how it feels - pretty awful. Just think of how wonderful the new one will look!

  8. Bless you. we all feel like that some times. Chips will definitely help the situation! xx


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