pregnancy at 38 weeks

Also known as the one where I look like a lardy!

I know, not very PC!! So shoot me, I quite frankly don't care anymore.

This is the moment, 38 weeks, well actually it happened halfway through 37 weeks when I sort of gave up and gave in to the frock of blousy billowingness.  I finally felt the need to waft about in a voluminous shift!

This is the moment when Mr P told me my belly was bigger than my boobs!

This is the moment when the angle of my belly made my dress stick out miles away from my body and actually made the people stare!  The people stared!! I am sad.

Although it is quite funny really, this rather fetching gap between my thighs and my dress (and quite cooling on what was a reasonable hot September day in Blighty!), and I have to say that this Jigsaw dress is not a maternity item so it is faring rather well given the circumstances.

So what can I tell you apart from to pray for me that this baby will come sooner rather than later.  I can tell you that:

  • We have the moses basket all set up in our room ready and it makes my heart beat a little faster every time I walk in.

  • I now waddle, this is the cause of much amusement.

  • I have to get up to pee at least two or three times every night (this is tiresome, sometimes I just wish I could wet the bed, I could potentially, right?)!

  • I am tired all the time, even when I've just got up for the day I'm pretty sure I could go straight back to sleep again, if only I had the chance.

  • I have swollen ankles and wrists - some of my shoes don't fit and I had to have an extra link put back in my watch at the weekend!

  • I can't wait to meet my baby!!!!!

love the pattern on this dress

I would like to have a rest but we are constantly on the go trying to get the house in order after the builders wrecked it built us a new extension.

The kitchen is in - YAHOO!!!! And we are so chuffed because it is really beautiful, can't wait to show you.  Before I do show off we are having to paint and clean and mop and clear up and fill cupboards and move stuff and buy stuff and nag the builders to clear up and clear off!!!

It's the nagging that tires me out (the bane of many a woman's life I know!), today they were in the house all day fitting the underfloor heating system and I was so tired and uncomfortable I just wanted to shriek at them to leave me in peace..."JUST GO AWAY, GO AWAY, CAN'T YOU SEE HOW PREGNANT I AM...GO. A. WAY!!!"

You'll be pleased to know that I refrained, Mr P was most grateful.  You'll also be pleased to know that pretty soon I might stop moaning and bitching, we live in hope at Blooming Towers :o)


  1. My dear, your moment is just around the corner...!!!!!
    big big hugs, xxxx Alessandra

  2. It won't be long to go now..I know the last little bit can seem to take forever though.
    I can relate with the frequent bathroom breaks, I was up 3 times a night in the last stage with my little one (makes good practice for when one is up doing the bottles though when the baby arrives :P).
    Ah, yes the joy of swelling feet as well. I had bought a new pair of slippers to wear in the hospital. I foolishly bought them a few months before hand..packed them into my hospital bag. My feet ballooned after the delivery, felt like one of the ugly step sisters in the Cinderella story trying to fit into the glass slipper..impossible! Regardless to say they haven't had any use (still can't fit into them 5 weeks on)..perhaps one day :P
    Hugs x

  3. Sometimes I feel like yelling GO AWAY to people and I'm not pregnant. Should I worry? :)
    Love your dress and can't wait to see your new kitchen.

    Have a great week Emma!

  4. Lovely and magical times! Wishing you all the best and we are waiting and hoping as well! Christa

  5. What a sweet time. I can remember how I was eager to meet my Joey when i was 38 weeks pregnant. You are looking terrific! Love your dress. xx

  6. You are looking amazing! And at 38 weeks pregnant, wow!
    I'm 27 weeks with my second at the moment and I swear you don't look that much bigger than me. You've obviously either got a very neat bump or I'm just a whale already! haha
    Can't wait to see a photo of your new arrival (not long to go now!) and maybe a little glimpse of that new kitchen of yours..! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  7. Dear Emma,

    EVERYTHING you have written about the final pregnancy countdown has brought back so many memories of my last pregnancy. I am so pleased I read this post because, thanks to you, I have relived a very precious past moment. I wish you much joy and patience for these last few EXCITING days.

    They will be over before you know it.


  8. seriously you should consider stand up! you do make me laugh.
    I think at 38 weeks you are looking stunning and seriously not long now till lil baby arrives to meet mummy & daddy! (the most amazing moment in life!)
    looking forward to seeing the new kitchen.
    and the moaning and bitching never ends it just evolves! :)

  9. Not long now Emma ... it seems like forever but you will look back and think what a short time it was ... sit down, relax, enjoy your lovely new kitchen (can't wait for a peep) and get busy with your hook ... your list is brilliant ... it brought back memories ... all the best ... all my limbs crossed your time is soon ... Bee xx

  10. The best is yet to come, not long now.

  11. One night I got up to go to the toilet 10 times in three hours- its a true story. Its hard work being pregnant but not long to go now... It's the best feeling in the world when you see your baby. Best wishes if it comes early, let's hope so eh.

  12. It's a lovely preggie belly!! Hope not too long now ...

  13. Hello beautiful beautiful bump!!!!

    You've a right to be irritated and angry....lets see now how do you feel when you bring home a bag full of groceries that you've lugged 600 kilometres from a crowded supermarket,,,,your bra is chafing you ....yr knickers have gone up everywhere else but not where they are supposed to be,the handle of the bag is a new version of Chinese torture 'cos its cutting your fingers off and you've forgotten to buy the item you went to the supermarket for .....now don't you just feel irritated and tired when you finally manage to get back into the house?....and I know your bump isn't a bag of groceries but its like a day long trip back from the supermarket every day and you can't even put the bag down to rest a bit .........yes I'd say you've a right to be irritated.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. emmmmmm sorry I compared your bump with a bag of groceries

      A )-:

    2. I've been a bit too cheeky.....I get these mad moments )-:

      A x

    3. Hahahaaa no you haven't Amanda, your comment made me laugh so much and you couldn't be more right about the bag of groceries...what a good analogy :o) xxx

  14. That's a great bump, not lardy! Mine is lardy and I'm only 25 weeks. Blaming it on the fact it's my third (therefore nothing left to hold it in.) Your post made me laugh - we too have a house destroyed by builders (to make room for new arrival) and now living in a caravan, which wasn't quite the plan. Nothing like needing a pee all the time and having to use the communal toilets. Hope you have a baby very soon. xx

  15. You look exactly how you're supposed to to me, and rather lovely with it. Mother of four here, you'll have to excuse me waxing lyrical about baby bumps!

    Here's wishing for a really easy delivery, and soon!

  16. You look great. 38 weeks now, not long to go. How exciting.
    I look forward to a peep at your new kitchen.

  17. That's a beautiful dress and a beautiful bump! You look lovely and I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and delivery!


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