pregnancy at 39 weeks

Wishful thinking, but...

...I was kinda hoping that I wouldn't be doing a 39 weeks post.

However, there are no signs of baby coming out and this is in spite of my daily 'make the baby come out' activities.

These include but are not limited to:

  • jogging - well waddling quite quickly with the dog
  • sex - ha! not likely
  • hot curry
  • pineapple - eh?
  • bouncing - on a ball, I'm not mad
  • cleaning - well maybe I am a bit mad
  • gardening - I found one of the builders socks yesterday...how can you lose a sock? and,
  • hoofing huge amounts of food down my neck - you know, to keep my strength up during labour!

This hoofing of food has caused me to develop a serious addiction to Snickers, hope I get over it.   I even bought a four pack with my shopping this week - I have NEVER bought a four pack of chocolate bars before - and I'm not happy sharing them with Mr P either!  Pregnancy is a strange and wondrous thing.

top: gap    dress: dorothy perkins
I got the idea to tie my top in a little knot over my bump from the lovely James at bleubird.  Her blog is lovely and she is pregnant with her fourth baby!!  She has grown four babies and she home schools them too, impressive huh?  Every time I feel a bit moany and hard done by I pop over to her blog and remember that I'm pregnant with no small dependents, well apart from Tilly but she is not small, just a bit hairy and very smelly!

who me?

Mr P had to have a word with the builders and tell them politely to get lost after they spent all day fannying around with the heating on Monday (and still not fixing it), so they have been told not to come back until after the baby is born.

This is a huge relief and has meant that I have been able to relax a bit more this week, even if I am busy with 'make the baby come out' activities.

I've also tried to fit in some revision time as my final exam is on 11 October!!  Yes I'm planning on taking it, which probably puts me back in the mad category again.  I've arranged for a home invigilator so I won't have to travel and they allow a feeding break (for the baby, not me, although...).  So I'm hoping that aside from the massive amounts of revision that I won't do and facts about the two world wars that I won't learn, it shouldn't be too stressful.

Wishful thinking again.


  1. Haha!
    Your post reminded me of this:


    I hope everything works out for you, you're so brave for taking the exam! :)

  2. Congrats on reaching 39 weeks- you're almost there and looking great!

    xo Lilly

  3. I bought a six pack... yes a six pack of mars bars with my first baby. And yes I did eat them all in about three, ok two days!

  4. Not long now, Emma ... I bet you can't wait to meet little Bloom ... enjoy yourself for this while ... do lovely things and keep on bouncing ... the time will pass soon ... Bee xx

  5. No I don't think your mad! I have come to the conclusion you are utterly insane! Lol
    I hope your revision goes well you must be getting so uncomfortable now.
    All the best

  6. Try the sex thing it worked for me.

  7. You are amazing!!!! Even the revision!!!
    Good luck my dear, xxxx Alessandra

  8. Try climbing up and down stairs, carefully tho..it worked for my second one ;) My insane blogger friend, waiting for your good news:)

  9. So, so, so close. Snickers - well at least you are eating a decent amount of nuts each day. They are good for you ;).

  10. I love how you feel you can take on the world! And I hope the feelings won't dissapate once the baby is born :) They won't, you'll be on top of the world then too xxx


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