pregnancy at 40 weeks

AKA 'The one I didn't want to write'

It's not fair.  It's not fair.

Did you hear me????  I'm waiting!

Today is my due date.

Hello. Hello.  Are you in there little baby, can you hear me?  "Get OUT NOW!"

I went to see the midwife this afternoon.  This is what she said.  "Ooh your blood pressure is a bit high"...a bit high, I'm not flippin surprised.

Over the last few days, okay the past week, I've gone from being a blissed out mama to be, all swirly and ethereal (in my head at least), to a raging hormonal monster.  I mean a MON. STER!  I am angry at everything and everybody.  I even did a blog post on politics today...GAH!

I've gone from chilling out to classical and beautiful Satie Gnossiennes to playing really loud hardcore house.  I'll be listening to metal next so baby you better come out if you don't fancy a bit of Slipknot in your lugholes!  I mean it.

The good news is that the baby's head is engaged, this IS good news I'm told.  Also I'm sure the raging hormones mean it has to happen soon (right?).

Also, and this made me sick but happy, I did scoff a whole bag of Haribo that was stashed away in Mr P's hospital bag, even though as a vegetarian I shouldn't go anywhere near them. Damn and blast, for now I am surely doomed.

 ps. Tilly is keeping well away from me, I think she must sense the odour of mental instability!


  1. Oh Emma, that is the funniest blog post ever, I love it. I rant around about politics and it's been 16+ years since the last time I was pregnant. As for haribo, yuck! I feel your frustration...my second one came on the due date, everyone thought that was great but as first was 3 weeks early I felt 3 weeks overdue! good job 3rd one was a week early else I would have garotted someone... good luck, eat curry and roll in the hay...it works ;)

    Fiona x

    1. Curry it is and pineapple too....keep your fingers crossed for me xxx

  2. Good luck - wont be long now.... A small glass of wine, a good curry and enjoy the last few quiet nights!

  3. At bit of loving with Mr P should do the trick if you want baby out :) it's better than curry and pineapple even tho its the last thing you'd want to do at 40 weeks pregnant but I can give it my seal of approval - twice :) hope baby appears soon for you!
    Victoria xx

  4. Good luck and sure things will move soon.......x
    Curry, sex mmmmmmprobably not in the mood for either!! maybe.....

  5. I don't think Mr P even dares to come close to you in this hormonal hardcore
    house state that you are in now! ;-)
    Wishing you a lot of patience and love, Mirjam.

  6. Oh dear, I was angry too, I recognise the symptoms. I was lucky with mine the first 3 days early and the second 1 day early- that's not going to make you feel better is it. Try lots of walking I think it helped me. And Tilly and mr p keep out of the way.

  7. It won't be long now! Angry is not good, go back to the relaxing classical! Ludovico einaudi is excellent and so relaxing!
    Stay away from slip knot! My hubby subjects me to that music and its torture! Lol

  8. Love the smiley face. Take care, can't be too long now. x

  9. Oh Emma ... it will be soon ... meanwhile try anything to get that little bambino to make it's way out ... walk lots, eat curries and pineapple, and maybe get down to some loving if your hormones settle ... oh yeah ... keep bouncing on the ball ... I broke my waters three times on the ball ... in three different pregnancies ... thought I should clarify .. I don't think it is possible to do that in one pregnancy :) ... Bee xx

  10. Tilly is really wise!!! ;oD
    Come on, take a deeeeeep breath and enjoy the last moments as the one you'll never be again after your child birth!
    It took a long while for me to realize that I wasn't the same Alessandra anymore I used to grow up with!!
    big hugs, xxx Ale

  11. Second Tangled Sweetpea's comment.... though my second was 2 and a half weeks late - gah! I was quite murderous by the time she appeared!! Apparently though I read somewhere that you'd have to eat a barrel-load of pineapples for whatever's in them to actually have any effect.. bring on the Slipknot: that'll scare babe out! All the best xx

  12. Hope your baby has arrived - afraid my first was 10 days late and NOTHING was shifting him - not curry, not pineapple, not the gallons of raspberry leaf tea or the 5 mile walks...

  13. Good luck!! I just started reading but I already feel some kinship with you.. I was this amazingly zen pregnant lady until 41 weeks and then there I was crying on the edge of the bed to my husband at 4 am that he just could NOT go to work and come home one more day like life was normal. Every day I expected to call him at work and say, "Honey! Come home and ready the birthing tub!" And that expectation I think is what did me in...because it took a few too many of those days...and I lost my marbles. Baby's head being engaged is a GOOD thing! I'm so happy for you and your family! Again, gooood luck!

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  15. Late to this post, and you've not visited here in days. Hope that means what it could very well mean :D

  16. Hey Emma I hope everything is well by now!

    A surprise for you:

    (Hopefully you won't even have the time to check it out! ;) )

  17. Hi Emma..
    The last 'waiting' bit of the pregnancy is really hard..the hours and days seem so much longer. I hope your little one will make an appearance soon x
    Take care
    Magie x


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