So I removed the word verification from my blog a while ago.

I find them incredibly irritating and most of the time I struggle to read them, especially the numbers.  Some of those numbers surely can't be read by anyone, not even youthful, springy eyeballs with no age deterioration.  Surely not.

I thought that if I find them irritating then so must other people and so I switched it off.

I was warned that the consequences would be spam.

For a while it was tolerable.  This week it has gone insane.

No I don't want your thrush cream.

No I don't want to smoke your cigarettes - does anyone even smoke cigarettes anymore?

No I'm not clicking on your link for some chinese eczema miracle cream, or fibroids or diabetes.

Where do these people come from?  Are they even people?  How do they benefit from leaving these comments?  I'm genuinely interested, it seems so...pointless.

Thankfully most get scooped up by blogger and bunged in the spam folder but I'm starting to think about switching the dreaded word verification on again.


  1. Ok so now I know why we have it, thanks foir the warning , it is irrittating sometimes I make 3 attempts and then go find my glasses!!x

  2. I could copy and paste this blog post onto my own blog and it would echo my thoughts exactly. The spam comments have been driving me insane. There's only so much spam a girl can take!
    I've been reading your blog for a little while now, I too am pregnant and finding it hard to get enough energy to keep up to date with leaving comments on everyone else's blogs though. I hope your not feeling to tired in these late stages of your pregnancy, it's so exciting that you will meet baby so soon though. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  3. I removed my word verification ages ago too but have to say Ive only had 1 spam message (now I've said that they are going to start flooding in I know)!
    I struggle to read the too

  4. They are very difficult to read ... peering at a number obscured by fog ... what the ... and the letters all stuck together mutating to form whole new letters ... I switched mine off a few weeks ago ... I know people don't like them but if I started to get tortured with spam emails like you are ... I think I might opt in again ... Bee xx

  5. I took mine off too because I find the verification so frustrating. I like to leave comments because I know how much I enjoy receiving them, but after three tries and still getting the verification wrong sometimes I have to give up! I haven't noticed spam... but maybe I dint know where to look in blogger.

    Good luck and if you find a solution let us know! Lilly

  6. I 've removed the word verification, too, but I rarely get spam. Sometimes though, comments by real followers go to the spam folder and I can't understand why.

    In Greece the wish we give to pregnant women is "Kali lefteria" which roughly means "Be freed soon" . I'm sending you the wish! :)

  7. Oh dear, I turned mine off about a week ago. I hope this doesn't happen too much as I get loads of spam emails already and they are soooo irritating.

  8. I have recently started to think I won't follow blogs with captcha boxes because they're so irritating and time-consuming. I was reading yesterday about spammers taking control of pc's and using them remotely as drones, sending data through them to sites which can overload their server and bring the site down: the spammers then blackmail the site owner to get their service running again... and they gain control of your computer when you click on an attachment you don't know, ie spam. Massive business apparently, hence the ubiquity of it. So I guess captcha is good, but I don't understand why anyone would open spam in the first place...

  9. I've removed mine before the summer holidays! just few spam, well tolerated!
    big hugs, xxx Alessandra

  10. My eyesight is bad and I really struggle with captcha.....I have captcha off but vetting of comments on, as long as you are happy to delete the rubbish I think that is easier and quicker and less likely to put people off commenting who can't see the darned letters/numbers!

  11. I have started getting spam (I got the cigarettes one too!), but I still think I'm going to keep the word verification off, because I know that when I have to type it in on other blogs, I get impatient, especially when they're hard to read and I have to do it a million times in order to make it go through! However, I feel your pain.

  12. I get maybe ten spam comments a week, all neatly taken care of my Blogger, but I do have moderation enabled on posts more than 14 days old, that seems to help :)


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