our beautiful girl

Our girl, Elizabeth Josephine was born on Sunday 7th October 2012 at 04:18 weighing 6lb 3oz.

She is a gorgeous, tiny package of loveliness, perfect, cute and the spitting image of her Daddy which makes everyone smile.

She had a tough old start though, the little pickle was rushed into hospital on only her second day and spent her first week in the special care baby unit.  Words are not sufficient to express what that felt like so I'm not even going to try.  I'm still not really able to speak about it, or even think about it for that matter, it is just too distressing and we want to concentrate on the here and now. We are taking our inspiration from the words of a wise old man, well a wise old turtle actually from Kung Fu Panda....

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.  That is why it is called the present"

She is the best gift in the world, she is home, she is thriving, we are in love and we need more sleep! 

Welcome to the world my beautiful girl, I love you.

ps. thank you to my lovely blog friends who have been checking in on me, you know who you are and you made me smile.


  1. Fantastic news! Was just wondering this morning how you were. What a beautiful picture of you both. Welcome to the world gorgeous baby Elizabeth Josephine! x

  2. Congratulations! Your story made my eyes water a bit, mostly out of joy and relief I guess... I'm so glad that you are alright now and can finally really enjoy your little girl.
    I love the picture of you two, it's beautiful!
    Love and a little kiss for Elisabeth, Mirjam.

  3. tears in my eyes, joy in my heart!!!
    So happy to see you girls, xxxx Ale

  4. Hello!!!
    You've been awarded!!!
    Visit my blog to discover It!!
    Congrats, xxx Alessandra

  5. Aw bless, congratulations you guys! She is GoRgEoUs!
    Victoria xx

  6. Congratulations! It's so exciting! So scary when something unexpected happens but all is right with the world now. Lovely pic xxx

  7. I am so happy for you, I been waiting for news. I am glad you are all ok she is beautiful and so small in your hands. Best wishes for you all. She really is the best present Sarah x

  8. Many Congratulations on your precious angel,Xxxx

  9. Congratulations, I hope she brings you unbridled joy

  10. Welcome to the world ... beautiful Elizabeth Josephine ... so glad to hear your wonderful news ... I have been waiting patiently and sending you happy thoughts ... she is a most precious gift ... look after her well ... and yourselves too ... Bee xx

    PS Your bundle of joy shares a birthday with my second little boy ... he was born on Sunday 7th October 2007 at 05.12 weighing 10lbs 5 ozs .. a happy coincidence ... love and hugs to you all ... xx

  11. She finally made it! Congratulations and I love that little saying, so very true!xx

  12. Congratulations! What a beautiful name :)
    Magie x

  13. Aww bless your little bundle of joy!
    I feel we have all been with you on your journey through pregnancy...
    Sending you congratulations and I am soo happy for you all.xxx
    Take Care, these are busy, but wonderful days a head.
    love Maria x

  14. Congratulations, I hope everything is up from now on, lovely photo's and lots of hugs and good wishes. x

  15. All the best to all of you... she'll be up and running in no time!! Sweet photo x

  16. I have been looking forward to this post, well hearing about your new little arrival. Welcome darling little Elizabeth Josephine. I am sorry to read about her first week being as it was.
    I am so pleased she is home and you are all doing well.
    Congratulations Emma.

  17. I've been wondering wondering and there she is ........how lovely you are little Elizabeth Josephine...welcome to this bright new world! :-)
    What a fantastic photo Emma so very endearing....love in black and white!
    Sorry to hear you had a worrying moment there but glad you and babe are fine now.
    Sincerest congratulations. xxxx


  18. I have been waiting eagerly for this post! Congratulations on your precious little one!! Her name is beautiful:)

  19. Well done, she is the sweetest littlest gift, enjoy each moment.

  20. Dear Emma,
    is it possible to have your home address???
    I would love to send you girls (!!!!) a little present!
    Love, xxx Ale


  21. What a poppet, the perfect gift! Welcome Elizabeth Josephine x

    (I did the first week/scary week thing a lot of years ago now with my youngest, who had pneumonia. He is now 6ft tall. You're right not to look back x)

  22. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, enjoy every single moment with her as it is a precious and special time. X

  23. Oh Emma! I wonder how I missed this post! I've been thinking about you.
    In Greece we say: "Live long and see your daughter bloom"
    Congratulations! :)

  24. Congratulations! Oh my so beautiful and loving the first photo so much.


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