pregnancy at 41 weeks

Don't even speak to me.

Don't even think that I am capable of a nice chat or pleasant conversation.

I am not.

I'm in a massive moody.  Not a good frame of mind for squeezing out a baby, chatting, blogging or doing much else really.

I also suffered from a four day long migraine at the end of last week and the weekend!  Four days!!!!  No painkillers!!  I was in a foggy universe quite similar to hell and it just wasn't fair!

Today I'm feeling a bit better but the midwife is coming this morning.

The midwife is coming to do a sweep! Gulp!

I have heard many tales of the legendary and mystical "sweep" and now it's my turn.  Not looking forward to it to tell the truth but then having someone 'sweeping' your cervix on a Tuesday morning at home is never going to be the cause of much celebration is it?

I'm trying to see the funny side and picturing her getting out a teeny tiny broomstick with which to complete her task, but even this mild amusement is not working.

I will also today be given an induction date, which might make me feel a bit better, at least then I'll know an end date is in sight, although I would prefer not to be induced.  At the moment it just feels like this baby is stubbornly staying put, there is nothing going on....NO. THING.

And yes we have tried all the top tips from everyone (and thank you for all your advice), I even made Mr P drive very fast down a very bumpy road on Sunday, he was slightly concerned for my mental health and still......NADA!

On a positive note, it has to happen soon.. right?

I can't wait.

In the meantime I shall sit here with my cup of tea and wonder for the millionth time;

"what does a contraction actually feel like?
how will I know when to go to hospital?
how the devil am I going to squeeze a baby's head out my queen victoria??
how long will it last?
am I going to cope with the pain?"

Of course I am and if not then I'll say F*** it, scream my head off for an epidural, lie back and think of England!


  1. I can feel your situation. I have been there when pregnant with Joey and the little bugger didn't want to come out. He was due for the 24th of december and was born on the 4th of January after I was induced. The sweeping is uncomfortable, but I think people cope differently.
    I hope you don't have to be induced and your little one comes out soon.
    Many hugs your way. xx

  2. I know, you are really stressed and you are right to think all you think!
    But soon.....you'll be a MUM!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. Oh I feel for you I really do. You may not see the funny side, but your post did make me giggle.
    Good luck and best wishes

  4. Relax! Sweep is the best thing to happen! I had a sweep for my first delivery and was in labor after 6 hours. Your next post will deff be as a "New Mommie". All the very best and waiting for the good news :)

  5. Good luck! Being over due is the worst, I had sweeps with both of mine, contractions started the next day and they were both out the same night. Xxxx

  6. Hope you are okay. My boy was really late too, and I had the mood and hormones from hell. I hated everybody and everything! You'll get there though and then forget all about the crappy bits. Good luck lovely lady! x

  7. There is an end I hope it's soon too. I am looking forward to your ' i am a mummy' post. Good luck sarah x

  8. Our boy arrived at 42 weeks, just in time...
    Not very nice indeed, but your writing about it very hilarious if I may say so...;-) Wishing you all the best and hoping for good news soon, Love Mirjam.

  9. bless you, hang in there and stay positive. Will all be worth it :)

  10. Wishing you all the best, you are almost there so keep positive! x

  11. Hang in there for the end result, that all you are after.

  12. Defintely Defintely very soon!!! I feel it in my bones!!!
    Everything will be hunky dory you wait and see :-)

    Amanda xx

  13. I had my husband drive me at top speed over the abandoned railroad tracks.. Then I scared all the kids off the playground by swinging for hours like a mad woman.. And then I ran the whole way home. Going past your due date can make you a little batty. But! The baby will come, the battiness of being overdue will leave, and things will settle into a really great new normal. Good luck!!

  14. My son was born 2 weeks late. I was really concerned after my daughter (my firstborn) was born the day after her due date. But you will be a Mom before you know and all this will be forgotten when you hold the little one in your arms.



  15. Emma, thank you for following me and thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope that everything goes well the birth. Much encouragement and strength!

  16. So I missed this and now it's Sunday. I'm thinking you've something to tell us soon.

    I do hope your little family is doing well x

  17. I am REALLY thinking of you! No more migraines now your pregancy is, surely, over!

    I am so looking forard to reading your news.


    ps That was me two and a half years ago...

  18. Hi Emma ... hope all is well with you and that you have good news soon ... hope you don't mind but I've given you a mention on my blog ... it is a tag thing but I understand you won't have the time or energy to be bothered ... I won't be in the least offended at you not doing it ... Bee xx

    PS the post is called eleven

  19. I am sure it is over now Emma! I am sure you are holding a beautiful and happy baby in your arms! I know you are happy! We are very much looking forward to your sweet news! Christa

  20. Dear Emma, I'm thinking of you and hoping that everything is allright...
    Hope to hear from you soon, love from Mirjam.

  21. How are you Emma??
    Hope to have news soon, xxx


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