4 weeks

Baby feet.  Sheer bliss to nuzzle and kiss, I confess to being slightly obsessed with my very own pair.

They are just scrumptious.

Our girl was four weeks old yesterday, time is flying past so quickly and I'm busy loving every minute I get to spend with her.

She has completely stolen my heart.

She loves sleeping, waving her arms around wildly, and having a bath.  We think she smiles when she gets in the bath but everyone else says its wind!

Still in a daze, expected to be wafting around, dressed and made up and taking it all in my stride.  Instead I feel lucky if I brush my teeth before dinner and have never spent so much time in my pyjamas!

Normal business may return soon.


  1. She's adorable, and so are her tiny little feet!
    When our boy was a baby I also loved his feet :D
    So very soft and those little toes....
    I still love him but I'm not really kissing his feet anymore; he gets 11 this Friday ;-)
    Enjoy all the cuddles, Love Mirjam.

  2. So sweet she is still curled up, their feet and hands are so small and cute aren't they. I know them days when you live in pjs. Enjoy. Sarah x

  3. Awww, little baby feetsies...so cute. Baby feet are my favorite.

  4. Love love love teeny toes! Make the most of this utterly precious time!
    Victoria xx

  5. She is adorable. And babies and time in your pyjamas are a perfect match. Soon these weeks will be a distant memory. Relax and enjoy them.

    Fingers, toes and the napes of necks for me, but it all seems such a long time ago now!

  6. Oh! my Emma ...precious little feet....adorable!!!

    Amanda :-)

  7. Oh what beautiful, perfect little feet ... and what a beautiful, perfect little girl ... enjoy every moment ... jammies and all ... Bee xx

  8. I know that feeling, enjoy each moment.

  9. It's incredible how a person can change after her child's birth : you'll never be like the "Emma part 1"....
    Enjoy being the new Emma, sometimes it will be hard, but trust me : you'll never regret it!!!!
    Love, xxx Alessandra
    P.S. the gifts left JK yesterday!!!!! I forgot to put a card in the parcel: how rude is that??? So sorry!

  10. Enjoy every minute before you know it there teenagers! x

  11. Don't be silly!! Normal business NEVER returns after a baby.... trust me, I have three - youngest 8 months, eldest 4 - I have distant memories of 'normal' life.... (sigh) It's the one thing no-one ever tells you! Wouldn't change it for the world, but I feel about 90 right now....

  12. don't you just love baby feet. so soft and adorable.
    so happy that it sounds like it is all going well.

  13. How totally adorable. Baby feet! Sooooooo cute :-)
    I hope you are well x

  14. She is so tiny and cute and you are so lucky! :)


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