a crochet bear kind of Christmas

Well hello there bear.  You look nice.  Want to make a little gal smile on Christmas Day?

Original title of this post was...I made a bear.  I made a bear!

I'm so chuffed, my first ever crochet toy and it turned out okay, if I do say so myself.

This super cool bear pattern is from my favourite lady crochet queen, Nicki Trench, other crochet designers are available, I promise!

Details for crochet swots are on my Ravelry page.

Christmas for my two gorgeous nieces will be beary nice this year...see what I did there? hey? hey?


  1. He looks great, is he a he?? x

  2. Ooh he's gorgeous! Was he easy? I'd love to make a toy but they seem a little scary for my crochet skills :)
    Victoria xx

  3. So cute ... your little nieces will adore him ... Bee x

  4. Love him, and I'm sure your nieces will too ... who can ever resist a Teddy bear :D

  5. An entire teddy-bear from scratch?? Amazing job Emma! :)

  6. Looks so good well done Em :) the girls are going to love them!! Xxx

  7. You did such a lovely job..he is just so cute!
    Magie x

  8. Your bear is perfect!!!! Brava Emma!!!
    love, xxx Ale

  9. wow!
    you're so talented. never let me do anything diy-sewing, crocheting, etc.
    i barely can draw

  10. So cute! You did a very good job, I saw straight away which teddy it was!
    I made one myself from the same book.... :D.
    Your nieces are so lucky! Have a great weekend, love from Mirjam.

  11. love love love him. he is so cute. Was it very difficult. I've wanted to give it a go but got kinda scared? xx

  12. What an utterly cute bear! You have done a great job.

  13. Oh! I would like to hug him! CHrista


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