lovely things #1

It goes without saying that Betsy is the most lovely thing in this house (sorry Tilly).

However, over the past few weeks she has been inundated with the most beautiful, thoughtful gifts imaginable from our family and friends.  She sure is a loved and lucky girl and all her gifts, absolutely all of them are wonderful, we love them.

Of course, me being a self-confessed crochet addict, the handmade gifts are the ones that make me swoon - this may be because I know how long it takes and how much effort is required to make stuff!!

Take this blanket for instance, aka lovely thing #1, sent to us from my beautiful friend Lucy. She told me that she started making it when I told her that I was pregnant and I have to say that it is stand out amazing, what a treat to get this in the post.

Such a classic design with gorgeous bright colours and pretty edging... we love it.

Thank you to everyone for all your love and best wishes.  Thank you especially to Lucy, who isn't an actual blog friend but does blog here, we love Betsy's stylish blanket and will treasure it forever.


  1. I'm only catching up now Emma.

    Congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter
    and what a lovely name.

    She is gorgeous.

    Enjoy every minute of her.

    x Fiona

  2. how beautiful they are when asleep!!!
    xxxxx Alessandra

  3. How much sweetness/cuteness can fit into a blog post? :)

    Have a great week!

  4. So cute in that lovely blanket.

  5. Love handmade gifts too ... they are always the most special ... Betsy is very cute snuggled up under her new blanket ... Bee xx

  6. Gorgeos lil snuggle feet, soooo cute & gorgeous blanket but not as gorgeous as Betsy it has to be said.


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